Question Barebones optical > 5.1 receiver needed


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May 5, 2008
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I currently have an old samsung home theatre system. It's the receiver plus 5.1 speakers. It wasn't too expensive and probably is far from audiophile quality, but it's good enough for this 3mx4m office.
The box has DVD and CD playback, headphone out, equaliser settings, audio effects.. I need none of it, and it makes a hissing noise constantly, even when on standby - and when on, the fan is way too loud.
All I want is a small box that can convert my optical signal (from my pc) to 5.1 channel and distribute it among the speakers (2 core + - wired)
Is there something like this that exists? The smaller and more basic the better! I don't have a lot of desk space to spare.
I've seen mention of your typical Onkyo receivers that have no DVD, Blu-Ray, etc, but these are HUGE! Even bigger than what I have now!

If anyone can help at all that would be great! I'm not sure what I want even exists!

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