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Mad Mr H

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NOTE ON THE POLL ABOVE: You can pick cased/bare AND a colour

This is a Barco 1208 sytle chassis

I always liked the look of a large Barco (more than other brands)

But the case makes it look MASSIVE

So I decide to remove the exterior case as the interior chassis is enclosed

(so no x radiation glow in the dark issues!)

I am considering painting it or a specialist finish. its too bright as it is.

Which do people prefer? cased or bare?

Which colour Deep red, Deep Blue, Black, Deep Purple?

The room is all deep red with Black blackouts on the windows



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I voted other!

Keep it bare, but don't paint it... instead hushbox it! Keeping it bare means that the hushbox can be smaller.


Barcoing Mad

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Not wishing to be lynched, I find any crt pj a big lump that's in the way. I do my best to ingore them and look at the screen. Matt black on a matt black ceiling!


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Bare metal(?) in deep red would look cool.

BTW I couldn't help but notice the Seleco boxes in your pics. As an owner of a 400HT, which 1's do you own?



surrey lad

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Mad mr H has truly gone mad!! :)

Mad Mr H

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The RS paints are the best so far, expensive BUT they have a tight spray and are reliable....I have used many.

about £8.00 a can but the spray is VERY tight without runs - if you are good as well.,....

If you can wait about 14 days to see results Im sure I will have done mine by then.....

I use "plasticote" for the "cheap" client but ALWAYS run........

the RS ones I have NEVER had a run.....

Spraying for over 10 years - commercial mainly - sometimes customers special order WHITE then decide we were right and want black !!!

All the best....

edit: forgot what are you spraying???
If plastic then use a pva water brush on first...helps the bond. MUST BE USED WITH WATER BASED PAINTS.
Onto METAL RS sprays best I have found - happy to try anything but so far nothing to beat them.....

Mad Mr H

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Barcoing Mad said:
Not wishing to be lynched. Matt black on a matt black ceiling!
Hi and Welcome.....

You wont get lynched on any of MY posts,

I make it VERY clear that I am very open and happy to hear ANY opinions that people might have.

PLEASE feel free to voice what YOU think.

that is what matters here.....

many people have led me in a different directions.

I currently vote the same as you - sorry to copy!!!!

All the best,

Mad Mr H

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So it looks like Black it is from all the votes and as my current 801s is in black I know it will look ok.

The votes seemed to suggest that I kept them in their cases.....I have decided to go bare with them and remove the cases - these can always go back if I decide I dont like the final look.

And the end Idea is to put them in a hush box but thats a long way off at the mo...

If I get time this weekend its out with the black spray, one is totally ready to go the other needs to be de boarded and stripped into its little bits....

The fans are all designed to draw air through the unit and then out past the fans - there is no point putting filters on them.

Rear wired remote panels have been removed to help with airflow and I hope reduce a small amount of noise. I did that with my 801s as well...

Peter Parker

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Hehe, nice one.

The thing is, I can see just as much shadow detail as any CRT (and sometimes more depending on the room the CRT is in or if it's not calibrated for detail or if it's a scene that requires good ANSI) - the extra CR only improves black level and not shadow detail since it's not there in the source to start with. :)

The cameras that record to film or Hi Def video are probably only capable of 1000:1 anyway, and with film stock processing this may go up to 4000:1. With genuine CRs over 2000:1 I would say that a properly calibrated fixed pixel display should be able to display just as much shadow detail though not the same black level.


Mad Mr H

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I used the camera on my old mobile phone so I think we are lucky the picture has any detail at all :smashin:

You did walk into that one, I just could not resist,

Did you get the 310 you were looking into or did James tempt you with something like a 9500?

Peter Parker

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Great catch Andy. I should have put my brain into gear before engaging my typing finger. :)

Getting the 310 on Sunday, and a Sony tomorrow night. Plenty of tweaking etc in the weeks to come!

Loved the G90 and 9500, though I can't install them in my room. I love my current constant height set-up so that will be a bit of a waste of most of the tube faces since they're only ever be using it in 2.35:1 mode or part there off - do you think it could be done though?


Mad Mr H

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I would like to think yes it is possible.

The main reason Im working on the blend idea is that I hate to buy new tubes and then only use say 70% (sorry a guessed % post - im a really bad person) on my nice new whites!

I worked out 16:9 to be fine with a good blend zone and 8 foot screen is about as small as I think you can go with that.

To be honest, I think it has got to a point where people will have to accept that 4:3 tubes will be used for 16:9 2.35:1 etc. on the larger Barcos 2500x2000 resolution still gives you a massive scope even if you dont use it all.

Anyway....see how I do first and im in my fifth month of trying this, seems like much longer. Its slow for me as I started with nothing for this project and a very busy work load.

Still as you have seen progress, even if slow is still progress.

I suppose the thing that has not helped is knowning that as far as I know NO ONE has a HT setup that is blended, and there are very few stacked systems out there as well.

And failure in this area is very easy - thats always at the back of my mind.

Oh, And im not Mad enough (yet!) to go and spend £25K on serious blending hardwear, not till I got 9's instead of 8's anyway.
(anyone with NEW P19LUG's just PM me)

Mad Mr H

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Yeah, Projectors were stripped right down, then sprayed.

I have to say the original ali case has come out with a fantastic finish.

I did the work!

I use RS spray cans - expensive but a real nice tin to work with.

The Spray is very fine, good wide dispersion and does not spit all the way to the end of the can.

I use plasticote paints as well but they are no where near the quality.....

These were finished about 3am today! the paint was still a bit wet when the pictures were taken, just looked at them......

I hope people think they look better.

Feel free to voice opinions Im always open to suggestions.

Mr H

Mad Mr H

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Of course....

I have tried my best to document all I can for others that might want to watch, help or advise along the way.

Keep watching....

I might even post actual figures I get as well :)

Mad Mr H

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Paint or felt within the lenses at a guess.

Think Mike is doing something like that.

to reduce reflections within the lens.

Now thats down to tiny detail, every little helps.

I hope by next weekend to have the accoustic mods in place.
And if I can be bothered I will meter the changes!


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Hi Andy,

He he he modding sure is fun (and not a fishtail parker in sight)Gary....sorry just raised the bar a little higher..hate to go and do it, but as said hell it sure is fun.

Since you viewed the unit the other day, power supplies heavily upgraded, and two of the five main boards (so far) = even cleaner/clearer image, I can now clearly see film grain/mpeg noise on all movies :(

Biggest improvements are Image depth followed by black level detail/information.

Andy hope to see you later in the week, and talk about the finer things in life....the three eyed monster :smashin:


Peter Parker

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Hi James,

I said that might happen - can be a tad distracting with too much noise in the picture and I felt that a big strong point of CRT was it's ability to smooth out the noise and make the image more solid, especially with poor sources. Any way to reduce it now or maybe just use HD material? :)

I'd still like to see the ANSI mod so that the blacks stay black during mixed scenes, which was the only real noticable weakness IMHO.

Got two little CRTs to play with now, so once I've got a few other projects out of they way I can start on my new learning curve....


Mad Mr H

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crteaman said:

I see what you are doing here JAMES! :rotfl:

after my recent "alphabetical" listing post which did not resemble any form of structured list - you are trying to make me feel better.....

Im sure this was just a typo but its amazing how subliminal things work!

I put an incorrect alphabetical list together and it spelt BSE , (poor link here) better known as MAD cows, Posted by MAD Mr H and then you go and rearrange the the letters in your name for I am sure the first time in ages......

Its a wierd world...........

People are now thinking WTF! see this thread......(post number 12)

Could I also point out that I have now been awake for approx 30 hours so if I read this in a couple of days and it makes NO sence what so ever.........I at least will know why.......

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