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Hi guys,

I've not posted for a very long time, but I still lurk from time to time...

Anyway, I have had a BD808s hanging from my ceiling for the last 10/11 years thanks to James & Henry and still love the picture - it has just under 6000 hours on it now.

It is currently exclusively driven at 1080i through an HD-Fury HDMI adaptor from a Yamaha amp with sources being Sky-HD, PS3 (blu ray), Raspberry Pi etc.

Last weekend the HD-Fury failed, so my question is do you think I should just drop £200 on a new HD-Fury 3 and keep the Barco or take the opportunity to "upgrade" to a digital unit - something like a JVC X35, Sony 55, Epson 9100 or perhaps the new LED Optoma - basically a £3k unit. At the time CRT was very much the king, but technology changes a lot in a year, let alone 10!

The room is blacked out when in use, but being a lounge is normal white ceiling, magnolia walls.

The upgrade is something I've been pondering for a while - I'd like a unit that is quieter and that actually resolves 1080p, but issues with lamps and motion handling has put me off - not to mention trying to get the beast down, and I'd hate to see it just go for scrap.

I'll probably go to the Bristol Show - fortuitous timing...




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A tough one. Sony HW55 probably has better picture if compared objectively but the feel of crt image is very nice. I liked my small Barcos picture compared to lcd machine, perhaps sxrd is closer to crt. While I now could buy an Epson as next projector I probably wouldn't do it if I had Barco 808 as a current machine.

As a side question, shouldn't 808s be able to show 1080p or is that just too soft for your taste?


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Nice to see there are still some CRT aficionados about!

I'll take a closer look at the Sony.
TBH, I'm leaning towards just getting a new HD-Fury - the Mk3 is supposed to be better than my Mk1 anyway. The fans could probably do with a clean too which ought to quieten them...

Technically it can lock and display 1080p, but the 10m HDMI cable I have wasn't very expensive and I get snow in the picture if I run at 1080p. At 1080i it is fine and it only shows when the credits start rolling at the end... It should also be fine at 1080p24 if I do get a new PJ.

Interestingly I found the PS3 was sharper at 1080p than at 1080i so I'm currently running it at 1080p into the Yamaha which is locked to output 1080i to the Barco.

Barcoing Mad

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Made the change from CRT (had various Barcos and Marquees....still in storage!) to a JVC 750 about three years ago and haven't regretted it. I can enjoy the content of what I'm watching, without feeling the need to adjust and twitch the settings.


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I still have my Baco 808 with maybe 300hrs use and a lumagen scaler purchased from Henry and James , stuck in my garage since I moved in 2005 . For the price it would've cost me to have it installed I bought a 2nd hand DLP PJ and a massive screen off eGay , a few months ago and was very impressed.

I can't say I recall how good the picture was on my Barco from 2005, but I am very happy with my set up for now .
No screen burn , converge issues , etc., to be worried about every viewing, as you stated Phil .

I think Barcos and modern projectors are equivalent to comparing vinyls and CD's . ;) . No rights or wrongs but a matter of personnel preference !


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The comparison between Vinyl and CD is actually a good one! Both as good as each other when at their best, but Vinyl needs more care to keep it like that while CDs just work (mostly).

If I have to move house, I'll probably not reinstall the Barco but as it is still securely bolted to my ceiling, I think I'll leave it there and get a new Fury.
It may not be fully resolving the picture, but it is a picture I like with no motion issues and replacing it is just too much hassle and unknown - better the devil you know etc! I'll give the fans a clean out...

Thanks for your comments!


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Wise choice Phil . If I was in the same position as you , I'd do exactlly the same .

Just enjoy it .

If you ever need a mint Barco 808 bear me in mind ;) .

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