Barcodata 808s Questions

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Paul D

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Just a few setup questions:-

Is Dynamic Astig "Global" or - per input ie svideo/RGBVH/9 pin including input 3 or 93/ 4 or 94 etc - or source dependent ie 800x600 @ 60hz/ 800x600 @ 75hz/ 1024x768 @ 60hz/ 1024x768 @75 etc.

Is EM Focus the same as above?, ie is it per input or per source.

Also when setting the PJ to ISF standards do you need to calibrate the gamma for all inputs or is it global. Ie i had my PJ setup via the RGBVH input, but i now use my HTPC via the 9 pin input so was wondering does this need calibrating?.

Finally! i notice on the 9 pin input the screen "wobbles" slightly. I assume this may be because the RGBVH lead is near to some power cables at some points on it's way to the PJ, could this be the problem?.

Thank you


Roland @ B4

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Dynamic astigmatisum is global ie it affects every input which is why it is in the service menu. I should only require setting once. Play with it very carfully for it has no magic undo button.

Colour balance
Electronic Focus
and every thing else that is found under "Selected Source or Genlocked Pattern" are per source. In fact they should be per Memeory Block.
I.E 1024x768 at 72Hz on input 5 Should have completely different settings to the same resoloution at 75Hz.
On the 808s versions input 4 and 5 for the same source will have differnt settings.

If you change anything like sources and cables it will need recalibrating. Changing settings and drivers on the PC also destroys the calibration.

The 9 pin input has a lot more connectors to go through before it reaches the same path as the 5BNC. The signals travels a good few inches through completely unsheathed cables. Better to use the BNC input if you can for critical work.

Paul D

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Thanks Roland:)

Any news on my fan mod?. (but no rush etc)
Any news on your demo room, as i still want to demo a recon 1209s!.

In the mean time i will route my HTPC through the Quadscans VGA passthrough port (leaving the nine pin input for future games consoles etc). That way the HTPC can use the same RGBHV port on the PJ as the Quadscan.
This way also utilises the very high quality RGBHV lead Gordon Fraser supplied for my Quadscan, instead of the cheap computer VGA lead i made up!.

Roland @ B4

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Fan mod is in and working well just some finishing touches to do.

Demo room now full up and running. Any one who want's a demo let me know. [email protected]

1209s with full mods and tweeks insatlled in the floor.
BG808s (with Cine 8 front end;)) and keep changing between Sony 127* and BD708 on the ceiling.

Rock+ as main processor and Iscan for lower resoloutions.
Trying to put a PC together as well.

7ft changing to 8ft wide screen.

Other projects on the go are:-
Colour filtering
Automatic screen contol.


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Where is your demo room Roland?


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I guess I should have been more specific.

Have you got it at home or have you got special demo premises?


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Have you thought about having a mini event/ open day to show everybody what can be achieved? I'd certainly be up for a dem, not sure my bank balance could take in though . Be nice to see all the other CRT nerds again ;)



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Roland, what's this cop out?

What about the fake cupboard vertical/mirrored install you were aiming for?

Dissapointed of Reading.
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