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Barcodata 801s

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Mr A, May 16, 2001.

  1. Mr A

    Mr A

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    Hello can anyone help me out here.

    Will the above projector accept an RGB signal from a DVD player ie RGBS via a 5 BNC input RGBHV or does it need additional card etc? If not I'm stuffed at present then as I Dont wish to go composite. Also wht is the significance of it having a 9 pin connection insted of 15 for the PC input although I would probably use a 5 BNC cable from my PC for that input.

    Any help/guidance appreciated. Does anyone have one of these and what and how do you connect to it. Is there an S VHS input or component input card available??
  2. Boris Blank

    Boris Blank

    Aug 7, 2000
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    Mr A, hi.
    I have a Barco Graphics 801s and I am fairly sure that it won't take an RGB signal from a DVD player via Scart to 5 BNC as the Barco requires a negative sync and I'm positive (though not 100% positive!) that a DVD player can't output a negative sync via scart.

    You should be able to input the DVD directly into the 801s using the s-video connector - the picture is ok but will suffer from scanlines.

    The 9 pin input will only provide you with VGA resolution as far as I understand and will not allow hi-res graphics (think PC games of a few years back!).

    Your best bet is to route the DVD through a scaler like the ROCK or Quadscan, or, a really cheap but nonetheless effective option is an HTPC. If you are using a PC now and it has a DVD Rom drive then all you need is Powerestrip and WinDVD or PowerDVD and bingo, you have one of the best scalers/deinterlacers money can buy! Believe me, the picture is awesome from an HTPC - you could have it up and running in an hour or so BUT remember to tell Powerstrip that you need the negative sync otherwise you won't get a picture (just tick the appropriate box in one of the option screens).

    Do a search for Barco 801s in this forum and you should find all my previous posts on the subjest - one or two may even be useful!

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