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Dec 12, 2002
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Just sold my lcd projector and am not sure wether to try dlp or crt,there are a few crts around going for descent prices

The only major problem i had with lcd was unfortunatly the blacks and in the end i was just looking at the greys rather than watching the film

couple of questions i could do with some help

there is a barco on the forums with 8000 hrs with no tube wear and they do come up regular on ebay anyway how good a picture can i expect out of an 800,also what res will this crt do?

I have a dedicated room but its not very big at 14 by 12 feet so the distance from front of pj to screen will be about 11 feetish? what size screen could i get?

also one major thing for me is noise,how noisy are they compared to lcds,my previous being 34dbs

thanks for any help
A Barco 800 series is an excelent first projector for someone just getting into CRT. these were not exceptionally bright projetors by modern standards of CRT but still a very good and reliable work horse. These projectors had no way of taking component video in dirrectly so some form of transcoder or line doubler will be reqired if you want to get the very best out of this type of projector.
Be carefull about people who claim the projector has no wear I have lost count of the number I have seen with "no visable wear". See it for your self with the lenses off.
Don't be put of by the number of hours. A Barco can do 30,000 hrs+ on the chasis before any problems show.

From 11ft you will achieve a 7ft (ish) wide picture.

Noise, there is none you will have to either look in the lens or put your head against the projector to see if it is on!

Expect to be able to SEE 800x600 on a 16x9 screen. The projector will DISPLAY a lot more. They worke best at about line doubled or trippled.

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