Barco/Sony - Seleco?


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On the basis of size and budget I've been thinking of candidates for my first crt pj as: Barco 800/801 or Sony 12**.

I've seen Selecos for sale but wanted to know a bit more about them.

How do Seleco 300 - 400 models compare for:
Picture Quality, Size, Weight, and overall Value for money.

I'd be connecting via HTPC and really only using for dvd. Looking to project to a 7 to 8ft screen. I'm not bothered how easy the pj is to use; I'm quite prepared to tweak and mess around if I have to and get the room as dark as possible.

Any thoughts welcome,


Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Well forget the 300 series Seleco's. They are Video only.

The equivalent seleco's to the 801 and 1272 would have been a 700 series. The 700 series was the basis for the 800HT CRT from SIM2/Seleco. The Sony's need a decent scaler if you are to have easy aspect ratio control and good image quality. The Basco has a better memory structure to allow aspect ratio control and so could be used with a simple line doubler/de-interlacer.

The Sony is smaller than the Barco. The Seleco4/5XX are prettiest physically. Each one if set up well should give a nice image. I'd think you'd get best value out of a Sony or Barco myself.

Oh and the BARCO 801 is likely to be brightest I guess.



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Thanks for the information Gordon. It's given me a better point of reference for an equivalent standard in Selecos, wich is what I wanted.

Sounds like the Sony, being a bit smaller, would be for me. I've heard about aspect ratio issues with the Sony's but I figure I should have maximum potential for different setups via HTPC.

Thanks again,


Paul D

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I'm selling my Barco 808s Iris2 8" CRT, Quadscan Elite scaler and Pioneer 737 DVD.(Inc pro cables)
I hope to advertise them as a package on here in the next few weeks.
You are welcome to come have a view, even if it's not quite what you are after.
I live in Droylsden, so it's not far from you.
Either way, it would give you a good idea what to look for etc.

Whatever your budget/experience, i would still allow for a proper installation and calibration.

I've changed to DLP mainly for convenience reasons, but the Barco can look great with a bit of patience!

Let me know if you want to come round...;)


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Thanks for the offer Paul. I'm still in the research phase at the moment and I don't anticipate having the funds to buy a projector in the near future.

At the moment I'm having a few health issues which are preventing me straying far from home. However if the offer stays open and you decided to keep your Barco, I would perhaps be interested to come and have a look at some point in time.

Good luck if you decide to sell, thanks again.


Paul D

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No problem:)
But if you do feel well enough before it's sold, you are welcome to come have a look.
Even though the PJ is for sale, don't be worried i will try to sell it to you!:D
I understand how hard it is to get CRT demo's, and like to try and help where i can.
Trust me, the more you learn about this hobby the less you know!:laugh:

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