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Is this true??

The Barco Lens software is set up for safety and not for the largest amount of phosphor you can use on your CRT Tubes.

So, with a 16x9 screen 8ft wide when projecting a image apart from the top and bottom (which of course will have a larger phosphor area empty) the sides will also be empty at about 1cm in!! does this mean you could move the projector closer to the screen to get increased resolution by using more phosphor at the sides? or is this complete rubbish?

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The best way to check throw distance is to manually do it rather than rely on manuals. Or use a bracket that allows room for manouvre.

All instruction manuals are written for safety rather than performance. How far out the lens programme is Roland can answer. If they give throws for 16:9 and 4:3 then it's probably quite good.

Of course in an ideal world you'd have a zero degree angle of projection and the distance would be the same for 4:3 and 16:9.....but that's unlikely to ever happen.


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The lens Program is mostly very accurate except when you need to do very high resolution graphics where the drain on the powersupply may not give enough width.

I always use it as a guide then possition the projector according to the amount of phospher used but I've done this a lot. Each projector is differnt too. The 9" does not like being too close.

If you get too close to the edge of the tube and heat up the glass the tube WILL fail rather spectacularly. Unless you know what you are doing or can afford the odd tube stick with the Barco measurements.

I looked down the tubes of the Utter Turbo charged 9" projector that Chis Stevens had at the Cedia show and it used no where near the full width.

Getting an extra 5mm of phospher use from your projector will make a small difference. but do also make sure you have cleaned all your video connectors with Braso too.:devil:
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