Barco Lens Program

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So how do I use it then? :confused: It seems far harder than PJCalc (Sony).

How do I know what frequency to use?

I also don't understand the projector list. Why is there 4 BG808s ?

I'd RTFM but I can't find one.


Roland @ B4

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I agree it's not the most staightforward program to use. |It is really intended for use by dealers and installers.

The 4 bg808s in the discontinued column were special OEM (ie L shaped projectors). you will find the proper bg808s in the simulation group (it's still in production)
For simplicity use the cine 8.(its the same)

Leave the frequency at the maximum it only needs changing when you need to do crazy things with projectors like using excessive angles that will limit the projector's opperation because it will get too hot.

Most important is to get the screen width correct and to get the aspect correct.

If you change any of the details in the final screen make sure you do a final check by shutting the program down and starting again working with the screen width.

There is a very good reason why Barco work to the millimeter.
Getting any CRT in exactly the right place is by far the most important element to its long term relability.
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