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Hi there,

I'm currently working out where my screen should go and quite what the screen width will be.

I have a BG801s the install manual of which specifies for a 260cm screen width the PD (distance from projector hooked bracket (i guess focal plane) is 350cm

The lens program says the same measurement should be 358cm

So which is more accurate ???



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Rule of thumb is 1 .5 x screen the width,
i think with the barco's it is 1.45 the screen width and that will give you the distacne from lens to screen centre.

Roland @ B4

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The lens program is what I would go with provided that for your 260 wide image you have calculated for a 16x9 screen.

The main rule is that the image must not get too close to the edge of the tubes or they may crack and fail.

I have about 4 copies of the install manual and lens program through the years. Interestingly not one gives the same figure!!! Even though they use the same tube and lenses


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Hi there,

The PJ is fixed in position on a bracket, there is a little flex in its positioning on the bracket but not much (The barco one with the hoist). Its the screen that i now have to build and then fix in place, so i can't particularly test and move things !!!

I know from past expiriences that the better the physical set-up the less that has to be done electronicaly and the more stable the settings are.

The screen was calculated in 16:9 on the lens prog, the manual i think just references 4:3.

Shame about the 8cm, I think this will leave me with only 75cm behind the screen to fit the speakers in !


Roland @ B4

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Getting your screen size right should new be easy if the projector is in place.
Simply fill the tube with a plain white screen (best turn the contast down for this bit) adjust the H & V size to reach the edge of the tubes. Provided the scanned image for the green goes a good 2-6 inches beyond the edges on both sides or your proposed screen position you have your screen size.
It might even be worth spending a few quid on an 8x4 sheet of plasterboard so that you can check all is ok before you make up your screen.

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