Barco Graphics 808s problem?????

Tim Cooper

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Sep 20, 2000
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Laindon Essex
Hi Chaps,
Whan viewing my desktop icons via my hcpc i've noticed that they "shimmer" (horizontally) & the smallest amount of background noise on the desktop wallpaper.
Should the icons be rock solid with no movement?
Also the genlocked patterns show the teeniest amount of background noise only noticeable a few inches from the screen.
I've also noticed that there is no shimmer when pausing a dvd however there is the teeniest bit of noise within the paused frame.
Can't say i've noticed it before until i saw the desktop icons (none of this noise/shimmer is noticeable from the seating position)
I've recently upgraded my graphics card to a MP1 modded 9500 & this shimmer/noise is still there.
Am i being paranoid or have i a problem.
Setup info:
Hcpc running @ 72/75hz 1280x720
5xbnc cables to PJ.
It's normal
Tiniest fluctuations in the power supply sound like the cause. some people say a power conditioner improves it but to be honest if you can's see it in the film then it's not a problem.

Sit back in your chair and watch a film:)
Hi Roland,
What concerns me are the desktop icons they really do move quite a bit, however, your right i can't see the noise from the seating position.
Time to enjoy :)
Thanks for your help.
If the gemlock pattern doesn't move as much as the desktop I suspect it is software rather than a sync issue
If the Picture tuning menu of the 808 gives you the option of Slow/fast sync that might be worth a play.
I had this problem a short while ago and whilst it doesn't sound quite as bad as Tims problem, it was something that I looked into.

I binned my £5 5xBNC - HD15 cable :) and bought a high quality low loss port 3 - HD15 cable from ************* for £60 and also added a Belkin Conditioner/Surgeprotector for £19.99 from PCWorld.

I'm now watching rock solid video with no shimmer or noise, not sure which cured the problem as I installed both at the same time but the combination has definitely provided me with a better and sharper picture.

Daft as it may seem the Port 3 cable upgrade really has given me a sharper picture than using the cheap BNC cable.
If you look at the desktop icons from say a couple of feet back, do they move at all? i've got a shimmer more noticeable on these than the background.
I'm having some trouble of my own at the minute Tim :(

But I can confirm that it was stable on the desktop icons in XP Pro - this is the area that also alerted me to the problem.

I managed to cure my problems with the above steps. I absolutely recommend the port 3 cable over the BNC, definitely a sharper picture and you can use + and - sync signals.
I see a similar shimmering, or 'jumpiness' really on my Sony 1292 when it's warming up. It's worst right after I turn it on, then slowly diminishes over the next two hours, after which it's virtually completely gone.
Hi Tim
well as you know i no longer have a HTPC but i never experienced the problems you have running the x5 bnc's out of the MP1 or even before the MP1 , like Rolly said it may be something to do with the power supply, i did use a Russ Andrews Yellow cable but not the conditioner.

Just a thought , what ATI drivers are you using at the moment? and or could it be a refresh rate issue.

BTW i am still waiting for my Lumagen and Arcam so still without a home cinema

regards and take care


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