Barco Graphics 800 questions.

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Oct 17, 2001
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Hi everyone,

I've just got my hands on a low hours (800 hr) Barco Graphics 800 and I have a couple of questions which I'd like some help on.

1. The G2 levels were well out .... how do I redo these ? I can't seem to find any suitable instructions in the manuals (operator/install/ service) that I have.

Earlier Barco manuals suggest using a greyscale and setting one G2 at a time. Would that still be the best option or are there any other suggestions ?
I have Avia and V.E. (dvd and LD) and access to an Extron pattern generator if necessary.

2. There seems to be no indication of "default" positions for the 'brightness' and 'contrast' settings ...... what are typical settings for these.

3. Can Barco projectors accept a scart type rgb+sync signal (as ouput by a dvd player or DVB box) or do I need to boost the sync voltage ?

Many thanks,

First off congratualtions on your purchase.

On the 800/801 I would set the G2's by doing the following.

Find a black bit of film and pause it.
Turn the contrast and brightness down to 0.
Now look into the lenses and adjust each pot until the raster just starts to glow.
Make sure each is the same intensity. (make sure your DVD doesn't come out of pause whilst you are looking down the tube or that might hurt).

A properly set up barco with a good source at the correct output level will have brightness at 40%ish and contrast at about 70-75% (if it starts squeeling turn the contrast down a bit)

Brightness does the black and contrast the whites

Try the RGB from the scart to the RGB in and the composite feed from your source into the sync of the projector. often it works.

Thanks for your comments on the G2 set up ...... I'll give that a try tonight.

I was asking about the direct "scart" feed because my ecp 4501 won't sync up to a direct signal. I just wondered if the Barco might.... because it's from europe !
I only have a Pioneer DVB box with a scart/rgb output... my Skyworth and (ntsc only) Sony dvd players don't have scarts.

It really should have the higher voltage sync. but it might work.
Hello there!

Just got my hands on a high mileage graphics 800 :) been talking to bxd via email.

Mine has new green and blue tubes but the red was not retubed with the green and blue, but it has no wear.

I was told that chassis hours does not really matter and that if a unit runs for a long long time its probably good because it would have had all the repairs that barco did on the HVPS solder joints etc on this unit. It does indeed have 35000 but still seems to work like a well oiled machine and has no internal dust and looks like a few components have been replaced.

You sound like a very competent person roland and its nice to known there is still some support for this machine. Here is the thing...

I have heard there is something called spot suppression that kills the spots when the unit turns off as so not to damage the phosphor. Now... should the tubes project a small static dot when it turns off for a fraction of a second like when you turn off a tv? from first looks it might have just been the blue but i of course dont know whether its supposed to do this.

Please also correct me on this bit...

G2 voltages... if they are too low it will affect the spot suppression, is that correct?

There is what looks like spot burn on the red tube (not caused by me i hasten to add :) ), I can afford to replace the tube but i do not want to unless i know its not going to burn in again

I really do not know much about crts as you may have gathered and am pretty weary of setting G2 myself, is it really a hazardous thing to do, is there much chance of me nuking all three tubes?

Thanks for any help,
Spot suppression on the BG/BD 800 was always an issue. I'll dig out the circuit diagram and have look. If I recall there are a couple of capacitors which are designed to kill the beam the moment the PJ goes off. If these go bad then tube burn can result.

I'm not aware that incorrect g2 voltage will cause spot burn but it was common for the hire industry to turn then up to get moprte brightness.

Always put the old 800 series into standby with remote before the mains switch.

I hate to question the 'master' but is what you said about "turning the contrast and brightness down to zero" correct.

I'd have thought that you would need to set the brightness to a mid level (say 50%) and set the G2 at that point using a black scene...or am I missing the point somewhere ?

I had some other things to do last night, so I didn't get a chance to work on the 800.

would it be difficult to get that fixed roland? i really dont wanna kill these new green and blue tubes.

Unless it involves no soldering i dont think i could do it :) i'll just make a mess of the boards.

Zero or near zero for both contrast is the most important.
You are looking to make the raster on the tube just glow not to show video black.

Thanks for that... I'll give it a go tonight !

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