Barco grapchics 800 Problems?



Hi All
I have some trouble with my barco g800.When I am locking on a movie,sometimes its loses the signal and I get a error for a short while.It says something 12???error and then all convergence go to middle and the password protection dissapears too?I can bring the convergence in the memory block and its normal operation again This have start to happen every time When I shall look on movies.Its even happens when I make the convergence.Any idea what it can bee
Thanks Hasse
Have you checked to see if you have any bad memory blocks, which it may be locking onto? Go into the service memu and have a look.
Otherwise I think this maybe one rolly can help with.
Yes I have erased all memory blocks and have make a new convergence after that.but it doesent help.Can it be a bad soldering on a card?
Sounds like the controller board is on the way out
Ok Is it hard to find used ones for it or can it be repared?
Thanks Hasse
Sorry that wasn't very helpful was it.

Before we start looking at replacing do the following tests to see if cures the error code. Though by the sound of it this is an intermitant problem and may take a while to find.

If it is a loose connection a good few thumps with the heal of your hand may help to induce the fault.

With the power off.
Remove/reseat all the boards in the back of the projector to make sure the connections are nice and fresh.
Do the same with all the yellow connecting wires.
Pay particular attention to the yellow set of wires that come from the black controller module.

If the above doesn't fix it and you can definitly still recreate the fault.
Turn off the power and pull out the convergence board which is under the lenses. It is on runners and only needs to come out by an inche to disconnect it. Power the projector back up (this is the only board that it is safe to do this with) the convergence natrally will be all over the place but it is often a cause of error codes.
My Error codes follow with this:Failure i2c error Addr: 178H can someone tell me what it means
Thanks Hasse
Are you certain of that number because I can find no refference to it under the error codes.
Yes I am sure But I have nearly tested all cards with other working cards and foundet out it was the focus board wich caused my problems and the stranger errors.So now my projector is running again, Just wanna tell what was causing my trouble with it.
Thanks For all replys
Hasse:D :D

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