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I have just acquired for ‘loose change’ an antique Barco Data PC Circa 1987. The machine, although ancient, is very, very clean, perfect lenses, good tubes and works very well. My question to those in the know, what are the limiting factors with respect to using this machine with a HTPC and different resolutions. I am a little confused by all the resolutions, 720P, 480i etc, and how they correspond to horizontal freq. (Horizontal Freq. range 15-32Hz).

Would the HTPC enable line doubling etc with something like Powerstrip?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Glenn,

Well as for your questions i don't much about the PJ, but as to your question of resolutions.

You could try 800x600 @ 60hz refresh as a starting point, as for the question on what 720p, 480i.

These are interlaced and progressive, so 720p is 1080 x 720p, and 720 x 480i (That's USA DVD resolution, it 720 x 576 in the UK)

Without knowing more info about your PJ, i couldn't say what the ideal resolution is. If it's like other Barco PJ's it'll need negative sync, and if you are using a PC you could download Powerstrip from here and the Powerstrip FAQ's here.

I'm sure Roland or one of the other Barco wizards will pop along soon, and help you with your PJ.

I hope the above info helps you ??



Roland @ B4

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I honestly doubt a BD PC will do more than EGA ie 640x320 in 16 colour.
Scan rate from my memory and info is about a max of 27khz

640x480 ie VGA is about 32KHz as are line doubled / progressive scan

Sorry it sounds like you will have to stick with video only


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Sounds like the early Seleco units then, i didn't realise that.

If i can only do 640 x 480 with 16 colours, it isn't really gonna cut it for basic DVD playback then !!

Best keep an eye out for a Barco 800 series, or the Sony 1252 or 1272, these are good starter units for use with an HTPC.

Talk to [email protected] , maybe he could find you a PJ ?? If your still interested in a CRT PJ ??




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Thanks Cosmic and Roland, I knew this was the place to get the answers.

Looking at the the manufactured date, there were a couple of variants Data PC and Data PC+. The PC+ is a 32KHz machine which relates to the date on my machine.

Roland - does the H. frequency have any relationship ro the video performance any projector.

Thanks again.


Why don't you try with Powerstrip and set up a res. of [email protected] ? It shouldn't be harmful to your PJ. Make sure you use the RGB H V connectors. If the sync is composite only it's trickier but you can find help on the net on how to extract a composite sync form separate H/V. Powerstrip should also let you set you graphic card to output composite sync. In that case you're up and running given your PJ supports that setting. But I'd assume it should as Sony's 1030/1031 only scan up to 32/36 Khz and everywhere on the web you find articles saying that they can do prog. scan.
Have a look on avsforum as well.
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