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Barco data 650 scan fail?

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by DowNtimE, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. DowNtimE


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    A friend of mine is having some problems with his Barco data 650. Actually it's my previous projector which never gave me any real trouble but now after three months at my friends posession it has stopped working. He was watching a movie when all of a sudden the tubes went black and the red scanfail led lit up. It did the same thing a night before but was okay when he powered the projector down and back up. He told me that he'd been keeping the projector on and tubes off using the three switches on convergence panel for a few hours. Does it stress the electronics too much?

    The unit gets HV as the tubes fire up but instantly shuts down. Also there's a glow at the end of each tube. I haven't been able to see the projector myself, but I've tried to help him by phone. Could the problem be SMPS related or maybe something with deflection cards? He's already swapped the horizontal deflection module but no dice.

    There's also another problem, he changed the focus module as I gave him a working spare, now it doesn't even get HV as i've understood from what he's saying. Probably he left something out when connecting the spare module.

    Has anyone had similar problems with these older barcos? I would be grateful for any information regarding this problem.

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