Barco data 650 - Diagonal lines on image



Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? There are faint diagonal lines across the picture (on all three tubes), the ones at the top are brighter than the rest.

Thanks in advance, Andy.


do you get this on all input types ? ie rgb AND svideo / composit ?
i am thinking mabey there may be a problem with the cable ,
if you get it with all input types try adjusting your brightness / contrast on the remote box on the back,
i get ghosted smeared images if my brightness / contrast is not set just so on my bd 650, :cool:


The lines are there whichever input i use, and are still there with nothing connected on the convergance setup screen. With the brightness and contrast turned right down i can still see them:(



Hmmm sounds like mabey there is problem with a board perhaps,
mind u i am a newbie at this myself,
if that is the case its a pity as these boards are not easy to come by, i was very lucky and got replacement boards for free:D

mabey Roland or one of the other more experienced guys could help,
he seems to know pretty much everything about pjs, esspecialy Barco,s

have you tried flipping the little frequency switch on the remote box ?
mabey worth a try, good luck

Roland @ B4

Active Member
Almost certain this will be G2 set too high.
There are three thumb wheels on the convergence board turn them down


Ahhh so thats wot G2 is.. heh,
by the way if its too low the picture looks awfull as well, i had mine like that for 2 days thinking the pj was knakered, but it wasnt :blush:

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