BARCO DATA 600 problems



I was given a BD 600 and RCVDS quad 400 recently. I hooked the two up and began adjusting the picture using the internal grid. I followed the 600 OM step by step. I made it to adjusting "Vertical Linearity and Amplitude". While performing these adjustments a crackling sound came from around the tubes, then all three turned off. I lifted up the panel above the tubes. Each tube has a red cable going to it. These cables appear black/sooty.

Any idea what I have done to this projector? Is it able to be repaired?

I would greatly appreciate any help.



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The Red High Voltage cables can offten appear sooty - they do in mine - it doesn't mean theres anything wrong with the cables themselves. Sounds like one of the components may have been stressed out when you were tweaking if it went at the same time. Anyway worth doing all the obvious things as usual like checking all the boards are seated and without bent pins and making sure all the ribon cables and connections are good. You'll also want to look for diagnostic leds under the hood. Any leds lit red usually indicate a problem and then allow you to refer to a service manual to see what the fault is in connection with. The 600 has pots for analogue control doesn't it? Perhaps try turning back the last pottentiometer you adjusted to where it was prior to the fault and then powering up your pj again.

All points to look at in the initial stages of fault finding. Then report back to the forums and hope someone who knows there stuff about crt pjs can help you out.



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also check the smallglass fuses ( about 1 inch long ) my bd650 went through a phase of blowing them but is fine now :D


Thanks, I undid the last adjustment I made and the tubes came back on. Whew!

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