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Okay guys, finally got myself around to making up a port 3 cable for connecting up my pc. Currently have my digibox connected to port 5 and the overall picture is great, including the focus. However, when selecting port 3 and going through all the setup etc, I cannot for the life of me get a good focus on the desktop image. When playing a dvd via powerdvd the picture is okay. Is this a common problem with the desktop imaging. Finally what is the typical resolution for pc input on port 3? Any help or suggestions are more than welcome:

Boris Blank

Here's something I wrote a while back for someone else;

"Assuming that you aren't running your HTPC at a resolution which goes beyond the 801's sweetspot and therefore actually softens the picture (keep it at around 1080x720 or so and you will be fine), my only suggestion (and you may already have tried this) is the following;

Use the electronic focus knob and adjust focus for each tube by looking into the lens. After getting as good an electronic focus as you can , adjust the mechanical focus by adjusting the lenses themselves whilst looking at the screen. I used my desktop for both these adjustments and by looking at some text (or good focus patterns that cover the whole screen - normally this is made up of little 'H's, I think the Nokia test patterns has this) and making small adjustments as needed, I ended up with a very good overall focus. "

These focus knobs are on the G2 Block (this has 3 or 4 red cables going into it as I recall), one knob for each colour, whatever you do, don't get the focus knobs mixed up with the G2 knobs otherwise you will have to set your G2 again.

It could be Astig as well but try the above first and see how it goes.


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Hi Sinbrad,

Well i've just been going through this problem over the last few days. As i wanted to play 720p HD footage on my PJ.

I did plenty of searches, and did a few posts on the AVS forums.

Since the BD801s doesn't really have enough resolution to play HD footage (tell me different if i'm wrong !!), i did try a res of [email protected] for 720p HD footage and that was a really soft picture. Didn't like it at all.

I did read on these forums a post by [email protected] Projection which said.....

800x600 is what I would suggest for an 800/801 in 16x9 mode. Any more and the image will go soft as the scan lines over lap

So i settled with.........

720x480 @ 72hz for NTSC Material
720x576 @ 75hz for Pal Material

......which look great, so i'm sticking with this for now.

I know i've read people using 1024x576 or higher resolutions, but then i did find them producing a too soft picture. I do prefer a sharp colourfull image over a softer image.

Currently using a port3 cable from my HTPC to BD801s, with great results.

I hope this helps ??




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Hi Cosmic,

I've just got around to trying Port 3 with and a HTPC. Interestingly suffering Desktop focusing issues and different resolutions. I've tried to set some of the resolutions you have advised but the 720x480 @ 72hz for NTSC Material
720x576 @ 75hz for Pal Material frequency is almost impossible to achieve over 60Hz.

Are you still running at the same resolutions?



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Hi Glenn,

Well i've now got a 16:9 screen, and had read many posts by Roland (of B4 Projection Fame) about resolutions for these type of PJ's, and what they can resolve in a 16:9 phosphor frame.

I'm currently using 800x600 (as recomended by Roland) for DVD's with v2.1 TheatreTek DVD player on my HTPC.

Just too busy to get round to going through the hassle of re-setting everything up again from scratch. I do know what you mean about the desktop issues. (Mine still fits a 4:3 space, but happily fills the 16:9 screen when watching movies & that's good enough for me for now.)

With the TT v2.1 software, PQ is truly stunning. Hopefully gonna try and build a new HTPC sometime this year, using the AMD 64FX chip.


Barcoing Mad

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Although I generally bow to Roland's expertise, a decent 801s should projector 720p (16:9). From test cards I can resolve 960p (4:3).

Mucking around with WMF HD, the picture resolution improves significantly going from 800 x 600 (squeezed 16:9) to 1280 x 720 (16:9). Things then no sharper or softer running it up to 960p.

A 720 or 768p desktop is clear, corner to corner.

Settled on 1280x720 x 75 Hz (and 72 Hz for NTSC).


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Thanks for those tips Barcoing Mad........ :smashin:

I'm sure last time i tried, i couldn't get anything higher than 1024x768 @ 60hz. (Anything else wouldn't sync?? That's via a port3 connection)

My PJ is still in a temp. setup, once i finally get round to finishing off the cinema room. I'll then get round to setting it up again from scratch on the floor. (Not enough height in a 7ft height attic space to do a ceiling install !! :rolleyes:)



hi fellows...

I also needed some "resolution solution "
I m also thinking of using the d9 to hd15 on port 3 but still havent make the cables...
---right now connected through svideo stb...but my amd64 htpc isnt there yet..
---any fams of teh holo3d cards here..i m about to get a rev3 one..and needed some info on it...i figured faroudja and conexant on same card...hmm..

---Just ordered the screen material in a 5x10 configuration...will an 8 feet diagonally 16:9 too big??

any how any help woiuld be appreciated..

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