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    Hi Guys,

    I have a "Barco Data P/C "CRT Projector (10 years old). I am having trouble getting
    it set up since moving. Can anyone help pleeeeeeeeease...

    I have got the test pattern so that the guns line up & I get a picture when using composite video in. (There is a 75ohm switch on the input - is this relevant?)

    However, the picture is only black & white (ish) - When I turn on each gun they are all as bright as each other except the BLUE which seems to lack the detail on Rd & Gn - is this normal?

    The brightness and gain pots don't seem to make things any better.

    I have not perfected the convergence settings on the outside edge as I am working on the principle that if the middle area is square, a colour picture will be seen... again, am I on the right lines...?

    Any advice would be most welcome and I would be prepared to pay for a qualified engineer if anyone has any contacts to set the thing up properly. Only thing is that I want to sell the projector and don't want to pay too much to get the colour - I am sure this is just a trim pot adjustment issue...



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    The 75 Ohm switch should be set to closed- it's used if you chain projectors togethter. You'll notice there are two composite and 2 s-video inputs. They are both wired in parallel so when chaining, one is the input, the other is the output to the next machine etc. The last machine in the chain has the 75 Ohm terminator on. Dig? The picture will go slightly dimmer when the switch is in the right place if you are not sure.

    I'd suspect an iffy source if you have a black and white picture and all 3 guns are firing. Either that or you input board has dropped the colour part of the composite signal.
    The blue gun is always less focused and appears dimmer due to the nature and wavelength of blue light, so that's quite normal.

    I think the pots you mention are G2 (gain) and focus- are they in a block of six near the SMPS (power supply), with red, green, and blue knobs?

    There is quite a lot to setting up a projector from scratch. I've not heard of the 'Data P/C', but on the Data 800 there is a menu driven system via the remote control that guides you through most of the setup.
    Check out the customer service forum, used Barco & Electrohome forum at for a wealth of information.

    If need anymore help, feel free to ask- I can put together a more detailed description of how to set everything up.


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