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Jul 2, 2002
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Does anyone have one of these hanging from their ceiling: Barco Cine Versum 80? I can only find one review on the net. I can't decide whether it's DLP or CRT for me.

I havnt seen the CV80, though spent some time (at home for a few days) with the CV70.

The main differences between the two are the fact that the CV70 is a stand alone unit, use with the Barco 'Master' unit is not mandetory (as I beleive it is with the CV80). Additionally AFAIK the CV80 is based upon the HD2 chipset, the CV70 the HD2+. Both units retain the six, not seven, segment colour wheel.

As for the CV70 it was a decent machine, my main concern was its black level to be honest and the unit I had had some issues with regard to DVI implementation (mmm..what doesnt??). However, it did produce a bright image - puncy, with well saturated colours .

It had some intersting features, such as a masking option, this would allow you to chop off (via the on screen menu) the parts of the projected image that you did not need (I guess by turning off mirrors), allowing for perfectly striaight lines. Also it had a white extension mode, which when enabled would increase the intensity of the white portions on the picture only. Looking at test patterns it appeared that enabling this feature did not clip the white details, rather just made whites 'whiter' . Perhaps for use with grey screens ??

As said though the PQ was quite pleasing (though not as pleasing to my eye as the one that I kept !!) and definatley worth a look if you can demo one, oh and its quite large.

[edit] Also worth checking if the CV80 is HDCP compliant - if thats important to you, I know that the CV70 was [edit]

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Looking for a CRT or DLP I'll be happy with for some time and not wish I'd bought a. n. other shortly afterwards.

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