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Apart from brightness, is there a noticeable difference in quality.

Gordon, I was reading your website with interest, the article on the projector day was real good. One thing that amazed was how a few people voted the Cine 7 best picture over a Cinemax, how did that happen?

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Probably because folk voted on what they perceived as Value For Money rather than best image. There was no doubt in my mind that the CINE9 and Interpolator was best piture there.....

The 812 has drive electronics from an 808 with 12" tubes. So the bandwidth is fine for video applications. It's an industrial looking thing, almost with an "unfinished" look to it. The one I was involved with was driven from a Meridian 800 transport and a Faroudja3000 scaler. I thought it was great. It wasn't as good as the Cine9 and Interpolator or the Chris Stephens modded projector and Terranex at CEDIA. However neither of those options were available at that time and theywere both on substantially smaller screens.


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The Barco Reality 812 is a real beast. Designed by Barco's agricultural department for looks.

The actual machine comes from the Simulation department for use in aircraft simulators. The projector head and electronics are in seperate units. The main advantage is brightness and gamma. The lenses on these machines are not especailly wonderful and are very slight soft in the corners. They use 12" tubes.

Price of the unit is circa £80,000. replacement CRT's about £7000 each.

I sold three of these units in the UK for home cinema in my time at Barco. I still look after one

The Cine 9 whould now give the BR812 a run for its money, then there is now the new improved 912?

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Originally posted by Gordon, Convergent-AV
So the bandwidth is fine for video applications. Gordon
Its actually fine for every thing else too:kisses:
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