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Hi Everyone

I nead some help, I have posted in the for sale part of the forum my Barco 808s Projector, 7ft Luxus Stewart Screen and Iscan HD + video scaler
but have not as yet had any offers other for the i scan. Do I have it priced at the right amount and do you think I am better trying to sell on e bay ?

Any help or feedback yo can give will be really appreciated.

Many thanks

Chris Frost

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Hi Sue, what your kit is worth very much depends on who it appeals to. You might also have to think about splitting it to get the best value.

You'll have worked out for yourself that iScan HD+ is the product with the widest appeal. It's a good upgrade for anyone with a decent display. You need to get the most you can for that. Use the search function and look for what others have sold for as a guide. Do the same with the auction sites and sell it where it will make the most money.

The Stewart screen is lovely, but it needs someone with a dedicated cinema room so the potential pool of buyers is much smaller. However, Stewart is an aspirational brand for many cinema enthusiasts and screens don't date as quick as technology so it will hold a reasonable resale value for the right buyer. Think about ringing a few cinema dealers to see if they're interested.

Finally the 808s. Fabulous bit of kit but hard to sell I'm afraid. The market for used CRT has shrunk. You'll need to do some work to move this at sensible money. Condition and running time is everything with CRT. An online auction would give you the best chance of finding a buyer. Make sure there's plenty of info about the projector. Lot of good quality pictures will help.

NB: the forum rules don't allow you to run adverts here and elsewhere for the same kit. Choose where you want to sell for best effect and close the ads in the other place first.


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Thanks Chris,

I will leave it on here a bit longer to see if it will sell, I have seen the Barcos on ebay for £500 and I would be willing to sell all the kit for a reasonable offer of over 2k do you think that will inspire a few more buyers ?

Many thanks once again


Chris Frost

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Have a look at the forum history for past prices. Your 808s might be worth more than £500 depending on age and tube condition. You really need to give prospective buyers the tube hours, and you also need to show them photos of the tube fronts (lenses taken off) to let them see the tube wear. That's the best way to get a fair price.

Have a look at for some idea on tube wear and taking the right photos.

Take Ebay prices with a pinch of salt. There's a lot of rubbish to sift through before the jems are discovered.

Be quite careful how you phrase any reduction in price. The forum rules are quite strict. You have to set a firm price rather than asking for offers over £X.

My advice to you is do some research first and get a good idea of the value of your kit. Also, take some good pictures of the projected image. You want to show that it's working, in focus and converged. Choose some big close-up of faces from well known films. Do check the quality of the pictures. If they're out of focus then take some more. Once you are happy with those then think about getting the lenses off for the tube photos.

You also need some shots of the projector body when the room lights are on. You stand a better chance of a sale if the buyer can see the projector is in good physical condition.

Take pictures of the screen with the room lights on (no projected image this time). Shoot a couple straight on and then a couple from the side to show the screen is flat and wrinkle free. A close-up of the Stewart badge wouldn't hurt. Also, find out the name of the screen surface. It's important. Most Stewarts sold for CRT use had the StudioTec 130 surface. Check on the sales invoice or ring the dealer to confirm.

Keep bumping your ad to the top and have a little patience. Finding the right buyer could take a little time.


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Hi Chris

I am aware of the strict trading rules and have listed a price for the package but then put I am open to reasonable offers which I think is OK to do ?.

I will do a bit more research as you have suggested and take pictures but like a typical blonde left my camera at work on Friday so will do it Monday evening.

Many thanks for all your help and advice one more bit if I can were can I find out the hours left or used, it was my ex who was the expert as he works in the trade and the Stewart Screen is the one made for CRTS and is the light reflecting one which I think is the one you said.



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Hi Sue,

The Hours are in the service menu - Adjust button on the remote brings up the menu, then service & run time will give you a Hrs figure.

Identification from the same service menu will give you the serial number for the PJ and the software version. Checking the serial number on the Back of the PJ or on almost any board will tell you if the figure is genuine.

However while low hours are good, they are less relivant than the condition of the tubes, Photos down the lenses are helpful (flash/no flash) and running a full white picture and checking for marks helps too and even full Red/Green/Blue is nice as some tubes look clean but can have faint marks.

I've seen BG808s go for anywhere between 300-1500, though at the top end they are prestine and are usualy from a dealer with warenty & help.

Personaly I'm curious as i'm on the look out for a green tube for mine and strangly a full PJ seems equaly of value - The value in the CRT market is very cheap and the often dross on ebay seems to be part of the reason as a lot of people don't see why one PJ is 300 and another is 1500 when they are the same model and both are working etc.

I'd break the Package i'm afraid as most people have some kit and want to upgrade a piece, where as someone dipping thier toe is either rich (read goes to a dealer) or not liable to spend 2-3K


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