Barco 801S - How do i increase resolution??


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Would like to know how I can increase resolution of my Barco 801S.. Have had this unit for several years and very happy with it.. I have tried external hardware that changes Digital Video Signal such as Satellite TV or DVD Player to VGA with 1440 x 900 output but system will not take it and blacks out.. Which makes it tough, being you can't seen the display, to change back resolution to one that will work. Unit works very well on my 19" LCD Monitor... First time on the forum.. Thanks in advance.. teddebay


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The fact that you're projector is cutting out suggests that you're trying to push it too hard. I'm sure that some of the Barco experts will be along to tell you what's the best resolution to use, but if you look on Curt Palmes website you'll find that the Data 801s scans up to 61KHz (horizontal) and will display 1024x768p (remember that's for a 4:3 aspect ratio). The Graphics 801s scans to 94KHz and can display up to 1600x1200p.

With 8 inch tubes, I'd stick with 720p or 1080i. You might manage the full 768p on a Data if it's a very good machine. The Graphics is capable of 1080p but it's likely to give you a soft image due to line overlap.



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Good to see your hanging in there with your CRT PJ.

The straight conversion you are trying is not going to work, you need control of your devices output which with many devices there is none.
The resolution you are attempting is far too high for 801s, try lower resolution and lower refresh.
What is your main source, are you using a HTPC? that would be a usable option to test out different resolutions and refresh rates.

A scaler would be the best option for different sources because its output can be customised on resolution and refresh...
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I am not so sure about the specs of the Graphics 801s you mention

Its bandwidth that counts.

1600x1200p from a BG801s - thats sounds very high to me.

Infact it might be true to say the resolution is 1600x1200 but the bandwidth is only 75MHz and 1080p60 requires about 165MHz (ish)

The ONLY CRT projector I know of that is true 1080p capable within its specified bandwidth is the BarcoReality 909, although there are many that are capable of 1080p60 / 72 projection.

I ran my 801s Graphics at 720p , That is really its limit in my opinion, and that is pushing it. The great thing about the 801s is the colour filtered tubes. These are VERY rare beats today, I have one left for spares thats it...........



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I posted at 2am, so I wasn't quite all there. Andy's correct (as he would be), the max resolution is 1600x1200 (as posted on Curts site) but the bandwidth is only to 75Mhz so 1080p at 60Hz isn't an option. I wasn't sure if you could push an 801s to 768p but that sounds like a "no" from Andy.

What external hardware are you using to feed the projector?



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This PJ sounds very similarly specc'd to a 1271/1272. Barco's answer to Sony? For HD material 1080i / 47.952hz would probably be your best bet but if you're very sensitive to flickering you could get a slightly softer but more robust picture at 1080i/ 71.928hz.

For DVD you could try 720p/47.952hz but you might find that something like 1152x666p/47.952hz would be a tad sharper depending on tube hours, set-up, condition etc.



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