barco 800data/hcpc settings?

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Hello chaps,

I've just bought into the crt world with a data800 from alaric.

I'm just messing with the hcpc settings now as I cant install it properly until I sell my place and move. I've got an athlon xp 1800 with radeon 7500 (oem) / pioneer106s / sblive 5.1 / win98 / 256meg pc2100 / barracuda hd / wintv go! card

Powerstrip is installed, as is Dscaler using s-video into wintv go! card.

Basically, does anyone have some powerstrip settings etc for this setup? - or advice on the best drivers for the vid card etc..

At the mo its looking ok, but losing the left edge of the screen..(800x600)

Cheers for any info:)

Try the phase contol at the top of the Geometry menu on the projector
Cheers Roland,

I think the prob might have been that I callibrated input 1, then used input 5 :blush:

At the moment the pj is sitting on the floor facing a cream wall, and even though the geometry is out, and I've only run through the calibration quickly it already looks nicer than my dlp - not as focused though - bit soft?

As I said its not really gonna be used properly until I move house (dedicated audio/visual room coming), but its good to have a play with the settings. I've had a custom res running at 11?? X 666 (16:9) and that looked a bit soft. 1024 x 768 looks nicest so far better than 1024 x 568..

I did a search on the 800/powerstrip/radeon, and found your guidelines for contrast 65 - 80/ brightness 40ish, and these worked a treat..

The tubes have 7000 ish hours on them - D'ya reckon I should start saving for some new ones?

Also Chris Frost posted about using shims for a floor projection - is this something I need to investigate? (the pj will be floor mounted, with the screen quite low down - not using a centre speaker)


Price of replacement tubes for an 800 will out strip its true worth. Run it into the ground then replace the projector.

You may find that top / bottom focus suffers in floor mounted mode. but mostly on 16x9 you don't need shims for a temporary install. If it bothers you loosen the 4 bolts around the lens then pack out the top (only for floor mount) with washers or layers or paper to provide enough packing to bring the image sharp.

I still think your scan rates are too high come down to 800x600. you should be able to see scan lines with your nose on the screen.

Do a search on this forum for the thing I wrote about copying blocks.
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