barco 708mm


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has anybody got a barco 708mm working chassis with knackered tubes? or an SD 187 blue tube in good condition on sale?

Boy Lex

sd187 is the tube sony made prior to the 07ms. Don't think it focuses as well, so I guess fitting an 07ms would be an upgrade.

Neck board fittings are the same.


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Hi Guys its been a while - busy with other stuff,

I'm sure 07ms (if thats the one used in the Barco 80* and Sony 12** series)is physically bigger than sd-187 and so wouldn't fit in the 7 series. I beleive SD-187 you find in the earlier smaller analogue control Barco models (like the 400 and 600) the Electrohome ECP 3*** and 4*** series and the Sony 10** series. Hope this helps.

Boy Lex

The tube width and mounting points etc are definately the same. I think if there is an issue it may be that the length is different - I can't remember... If it is, it's by a cm or something, so hopefully not a problem.

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