Barco 708 maintenance


Sammy Jankis


I had my 708 professionally installed over two years ago and although the picture still looks amazing (apart from a small background noise problem) I wonder if there may have been a small drift in the focus and perhaps there are other adjustments that should be attended to.

How long until these things should be looked at? Is there a standard recomended time interval before a CRT needs an 'MOT'?
Or should I only attend to these things when a problem arises?

Thanks for any advice.


Roland @ B4

Established Member
My personal feeling and experience is that appart from convergence which will be mostly thermal change. That work will only be required when necessary.
When things in the path change like cables, DVD players etc then yes they should be looked at.

So my advice unless you can see a problem then there isn't one and to leave it alone.

As an aside I have an customer who insists that eveny 6months I come to "tune" his projector (a BG808s BTW) and In 18months I have not been able to find very much that I can do, the picture is perfect. (something to do with who installed it perhaps ;)).
But it does now occur to me that he likes to shake hands a little to long and he's always just got out of the shower when I arrive. Should I be worried or just keep taking his money?

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