barco 708,a few questions

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been given a barco data 708 and have a couple of questions
1) how easy are they to set up?
2)on the back theres an rs232 port,i assume this is for some form of control software? anybody know exatly what it does and is it still avalibe
3)can you still get replacment remotes,the led on the remote flashes but dosnt seem to do anything to the projector
4)whats needed to feed in a p.c signal as there dosnt seem to be any connector of the right type
4)on the case it say iris something or other,is this the same type of iris used in lighting,(allows the beam size to be adjusted easiley)
5) anything else i should know about my new(well to me) toy
sorry about the questions hopefully the manuals will turn up in the next day or 2 but im inpatient

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Congrats on your new aquasition
The 708 has to be one of the easiest projectors to set up that there is.
It's difficult to talk a complete novice through all of it here but happy to answer problems as you come across them.
Get the projector the correct distance from the screen and exactly in the middle and exactly at right angles and you can't go far wrong.
Forget the RS232 conection or the remote software that is availbe from the barco site it truley is useless.
B4 you replace the remote I suspect it is incorrectly addressed and is trying to talk to another projector. So try this:

Looking at the remote there is a recessed button on the left just above the standby button.
Press and release it once.
Within a couple of seconds press and release the 0 button (a number may come up on screen, ignore it).
Your remote should now work. Barco remotes are about £220!!!!!!
You need a vga to 5 BNC lead which will give you R,G,B and h and v sync. However the 708 only has one sync input so you have to combine the two sync leads together. this can be done with a simple "t" piece or it is possible to buy a break out box usually called an inteface box that will reduce the signal down to 4 wires.
Set your PC to 800x600 which is the ideal for this machine. It will do higher but will get soft.

The Iris is going to help you a lot it allows you to automatically converge the projector once it has been set up. Ironically the set up is not mentioned in the manual. Essentailly the Iris is a camera which is under the lens and allows it to look at you picture on screen and do some basic setups.

The owners manual is on line here. If you can wait.Barco manuals


many thanks for the reply,will be getting the manuals tommorow :) ,unfortunatley the iris has been removed so i'll have to set it up manually :( .
£220 for the remote, ouch, looks like i owe you a pint.guess the celling mount kit aint going to be cheap either,mustn't complain though, it was free.
one final thing any idea of the geustimated lifespan before bits need replacing?
thanks again
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