Barcelona v Man U

I've had complete dropouts about 5 times lasting 1-2 seconds and the rear dropping out too :(
Fingers crossed mines been ok the last 10 minutes too.......
Keep getting sound drop outs. Causing the amp to re-detect the input. Keeps happening quite often.
yep, here too

mind you, if the score stays the same i wont be worried:D
I'm not sure it was dropouts. I think it might have been the UEFA controller muting the mic closest to Ferguson.
sounded like dropouts to me. total sound loss for a second or two each time, very annoying.
For me the HD picture on ITV HD failed close to half time and the rest of the match was presented in what appears to have been upscaled SD. Did anyone else experience this?
Sorry, just noticed the other thread where lots of others appear to have experienced the same problem.
Had the odd small dropout, but I thought this was by far and away the best picture quality I've experienced since I've had HD... Might just be me though, or could be the fact I got a new box this morning, but I felt it was absolutely stunning, moreso than normal!
I too suffered sound drop outs. It was especially hard on the rear speakers.

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