Barcelona hotel boredom


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Spent the last week in Barcelona on business. Too busy working to do any touristy stuff, but my hotel room was on the 6th floor and had a nice view. The problem was that the window was filthy and could only open a crack, so I was limited to shooting through the opening.

Tres Hombres


Start of a new working day.

Seeing Stars.

I just love the starburst effect the 50mm f/1.8 gives on bright lights when stopped down

I saw the Crescent.

Shot on the flight back through the plane window.



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The shot of the cranes is great,orangey hues and shadows,but the standout pic is the last one,fantastic colours and the framing is spot on.:thumbsup:


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4 is very nice

Barcelona is on my list :(


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Mike - pity yuo did not get a chance to photograph some of the more famous sights of Barca, but some very nice shots there, reflections is a clever idea nicely executed.


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Love the sunrise and the nightime shot - really good stuff.


Don't let the hotel see these pics - they'll be charging more for the room from now on!


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Great pictures:thumbsup:

But the starburst lights are a bit to close to home,It looks nice in the picture but thats what i get at night with my own eyes:thumbsdow


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Thanks for looking and commenting all, I didn't expect this many comments on shots taken while sitting bored in a hotel room as the title suggests.

The last shot was the only shot that was planned. I made sure I got a window seat on the west (left) side of the plane. I was flying Easyjet, so it took some pushing and shoving, but I got it. :devil:

Paulie-W - You must assert your parental authority and tell her that you need to have the window seat because you need to take photos. :)

I must really try to get more time to see Barca. I did Las Ramblas a while ago when I was there, but there is so much more to see there.

Last time I stayed in this hotel, I had a room on the other side of the hotel with a balcony that had spectacular sunset views. Some shots here

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