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Hi Folks! I hope that you have had an enjoyable Christmas so far and can make the most of the holidays.

I was out on the mountainside above Barcelona a few nights ago. I hiked halfway up the Collosera peak with my tripod, camera bag and dog to see if I could get an 'urban' view of the city. It was cold and not really so clear, but I could see most of the city from a vantage point. I decided to take a few pics of the north-eastern commercial end of the city, looking out to the Mediterranean although there was just a few dots on the horizon to suggest the sea was there!

This is a composite photo from three images, imported into PS CS5 and edited there. It's been quite popular on flickr the past few days, so I hope you like it too. The low res version does not do the piccy any favours, it looks best if you view it on a black background here , so please take a peek.

Camera Make: Nikon D90
Camera Date: 22/12.2011 23:03
Focal Length: 90mm
Exposure: 6s
Aperture: F8

All the best, cheers!
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Nicely done Dave - I like it :)

...and it does look even better on black



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Definitely fits in with the theme :) And big effort from you, too. Nice one :)
I hope you and yours had a nice Christmas, too :)

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