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Hi All

Hope you can help me, after playing the PS3 through a HDMI cable on the main TV downstairs, when we take the console upstairs and connect to a TV via AV cable the screen remains blank.

We have had it working through an AV cable before, i was just wondering if we are missing something simple to switch back to AV from HDMI or should it switch over automatically.

Thanks in advance.


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someone will no doubt correct me, but I think the PS3 automatically detects the HDMI cable, changes the setting to HDMI output, and then like you say, you have to change the option back to AV (you will have to do this on the HDMI TV obviously)


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yeah it automatically sets the resolution on hdmi, when moving to a different cable/tv, press the playstation button on the pad and hold for about 5 second when powering on, it will let you change the resolution for the new tv.:thumbsup:


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The PS3 doesn't automatically change it's output settings when you plug a AV cable in you have to tell it to change, all you need do is hold the power button down on the PS3 until you hear two beeps this then sets the PS3 to look for what cable is connected and set itself up, you will have to do this each time you switch TV's.

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