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Bank Holiday Silence Blues


Standard Member
Hello- Just bought a Rega RP3 yesterday, set it all up worked fine- played one album and then turned it off etc.
This morning when I went to really test it out the table wouldn't turn!!

I can only guess that it is the power supply- but can not see anything around the house that I can test it on. The dealer I used are closed today and tomorrow so I turn to you guys for advice!

Should I go to maplins or something and see if an alternative power supply is available? Or am I wrong and its not the power supply and you can think of any thing else?


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cheers V. but the spindle there isn't revolving either so I don't think its the belt

v. confused how it could just stop over night as well!


Standard Member
no fuse I am afraid- though that was a good idea-

yep the turntable can spin by hand, no restrictions there...

had the small hope that it would just work in the morning!

Alas no- but at least its a lovely sunny day- and would be hard to justify the intended record listening day!

Have to take a morning off work to return it I suppose...


Distinguished Member
It is not plugged into a switched outlet is it?

Does the outlet have a fuse in it?

Try it in another outlet, one that you know works (tested with a lamp or something), and try it there.

Rega makes pretty first rate stuff, for a flaw to occur so early would be unusual for them.

Let us know how it turns out.



Standard Member
Hello all! The dealer came round and couldn't understand the problem at all!
Nice of them to come round right? Graham's hifi in canonbury.

Anyway they dropped another around this morning so I get to have that in boxing moment twice with one turntable!

Thursday night: steak and talking heads night!


Active Member
I have heard may good things about Grahams, they are in that sort of 'mews' bit off New North Road aren't they?
I have gone past that place hundreds of times on my way to work on the 271 but to my eternal regret I have never gone in.

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