Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level Wireless Speaker Review & Comments


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Nice to see a review of this, and having listened to one a fair amount it does sound very nice indeed.

Of course, its definitely for the more design oriented consumers, and I'm getting one wall mounted in the bathroom soon.

Many will of course comment that its expensive, which is undeniable, and almost goes without saying. But hey, its got performance and looks, so that will always command a premium.


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The will always be a market, and a profitable one, for relatively expensive and well designed electronics.

And B&O are hardly new to that market.

I’d expect it to sell by the truckload that such items do.

However, compared to the ‘ordinary’ version, the gold thing is as graceless a box as I’ve ever seen.


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Ps, it appears to have two tweeters and one midrange rather than the other way around (assuming I have the right photo).


nottingham red

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I totally get that there is a very,VERY small market for this,but when you consider the competition at a quarter of the price , you have to wonder what numbers this would sell in. Who would take this over so,etching like a naim qb2 for instance. I get that it’s more portable and can be battery operated but my ruark r1 can do what this does and sounds great with speech radio.


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I'm one of the niche-niche owners of a stereo pair. However, I've noticed that one on its own seems to be louder and more powerful than both when paired. Something weird going on there.

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