Bang!! I dead Toshiba 42WP27



Hi guys, just before Christmas my 42WP27 which is 4 weeks old decides to give up the ghost. Watching TV this morning there's a very loud snap sound and the screen goes blank. The LED on the front now flashes red. Now comes the fun part, trying to get a replacement.


Tough break! I don't understand why all those manufacturers make such bad quality products nowadays.
I hope you'll get a quick replacement!


Well it's nice to know that there are some great retailers out there. Phone Richer Sounds Colchester to find out if they could do anything, but unfortunately they could offer nothing this side of Christmas. They did suggest calling the Romford store which I did.
Romford didn't have any new screens in store, but did offer me the demo model as a replacement over the Christmas period until they could source a replacement. This is excellent service considering that I hadn't purchased the screen from them.
Worryingly, the did say that there had been more returns of faulty Toshiba / Panasonics than any other brand of plasma. This is despite the fact that they sell a great deal more LG and Samsung screens than Tosh/Panny.

Anyway, I've a replacement screen for Christmas and I'm chuffed with their service.


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That really is cool.
I've always had excellent experience from Richer Sounds, but clearly not everyone has - I guess it probably comes down to the individuals involved (and I mean both the buyer and seller!).

Hope your new replacement is OK.
As you say it is a bit worrying - the Panny (or Pioneer) is the screen I'm likely to buy shortly - I'm still kicking myself for not buying the Tosh 16 for £2.9K before RS ran out of them!


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