banding on left hand side of screen on Toshiba 50wt29


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I still have the problem with the above set .On dark colour scenes there is two distinct see through vertical bands which run from the top to the bottom of the screen on the extreme left hand side.The first one is approx 2 inches from the edge with a second one about two inches further along. This is visible on all inputs including component and RGB.Has anybody witha back projection Toshiba noticed this and has anyone a magic cure or knows what is causing this.?


I've noticied this on my 42WH18B. It's almost like a ripple effect.

To be honest it doesn't actually annoy me! At least not in the same way that geometry errors would on most CRTs I've seen.

I have a theory the problem is caused by internal reflections, though have no evidence to support this. Just a hunch. If this is the cause it should be solvable with internal masking.

But I could be talking complete rubbish of course.

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