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BANDING - how many TV's have this?


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im onto my 2nd LCD TV and it also has some acute banding like my old one which had acute banding to start with but seemed to get worse as time progressed (and the reason I bought the LG5700 a few weeks back)

now this TV seems to have it a little bit - am I just been fussy???

it appears as a sort of thumb print near top right and some line/dirt down left top... and only appears when certain blues/greys on screen and camera pans left/right - you can see it with the SKY blue OSD when your switching inbetween channels and the screen fills with bright blue background...

is this normal on LCD TV's....?

it seems to look like a dirty screen when camera pans around - must be normal cos ive had 2 LCDs in a row thats had it.....


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Yep, my Sony 32" LCD does this. Its only my bedroom TV, so it doesn't bother me really.

I've heard that the LED backlit sets don't have the problem... I haven't yet had a demo though.



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quite shocking that they let soo many TV's out of factory like that...

100% for me so far.... out of 2 TV's both have banding....

im ringing richer sounds tomoz for replacement


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Banding is common with LCD`s. My LCD has minor banding but i wouldn`t return it because i could get a worse set with backlight bleed or major banding.

You will get used to it if it`s not too bad if it`s real bad though get a replacement.

I don`t think you will ever get a set that is perfect, some sets have backlight bleed some have banding. But minor banding is better than getting backlight bleed imo.


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what is it and how does it happen?

how do i know if mine is banding or bleeding?

my first set it appeared mostly centre of screen and looked like banding - im almost certain it was but it had a funny shaped bit in top corner which someone says is light-leaking...so that set had a bit of both...

this new LG5700 has just tiniest bit... like a thumb print (in some scenes) in top right and some small marks/lines on top left side - and again as always its only noticeable when camera pans around on a full screen video (watching 23:9 (1:2.35) movies is less noticeable as the banding is where the letterbox top bar is...) but in 16:9 (1:1.85 movies/broadcasts) its more noticeable..

originally i thought it was caused from the heat off the backlights cos i didnt have it on my old BUSH 32 LCD but it the started to appear after 9 months really bad (3 months after 12months warranty was up - it was a replacement 6 month into warranty hence 9months) - so i thought the backlights must have affected the pixels making it appear like so...

I then had a think about it and wondered if its to do with the response time of THOSE pixels in affected area - they are slower and thats why you only really notice it on panning shots (movement - when the pixels have to change) but then I realised I could see it on my SKY+HD blue OSD when switching between channels.....

anyone know what it as actually - all i know its SUPPOSED ot happen in the manufacturing process but if thats the case my old bush would have had it from the start....


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the pixels on the lcd panel respond slightly differently at varying temperatures.
For example on an LG5700 as you look at the TV the inverter is at the top right of the screen, this can get a little toasty. If I recall correclty there is a secondary inverter at the bottom left (the same inverter but turned round and upside down).

If you have parts of the screen slightly warmer then other parts then this may show as you have described. A classic example used to be that on winters days some older LCD's would be really smeary and ghosty because the nematics would twist open and close slower.

Hope this helps. ~My advice is just watch the programs on the TV and dont get bogged down with how the picture is made up or minor details. Why spend loads of money on a product if youre never going to truly let yourself enjoy it :)


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thanks for that - that was a really good explanation and really does sound like my particular problem - it does appear worse at times... as it was 'off the shelve' (on 9 hours a day 6 days a week) explains why it may have been like from getting it


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