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It's been running for some years now but only stumbled on them last year when looking for a legitimate high res album from OTT called Blumencraft.

Bandcamp is a rock-solid platform for artists to sell their music and merchandise to their fans, and a thriving community of enlightened listeners who get that the best way to support the artists they love is by directly giving them money.

As per the above quote the concept is rather simple, it's a platform for independent artists to put out their music without getting hit by greedy publishers. There are some free stuff, for some stuff you can pay whatever you want and some releases have a minimum price set.

You get instant download in one of the common digital formats including high res files such as FLAC & ALAC. In some cases you can even buy a physical media such as CD and/or Vinyl (plus get an instant access to a digital download on top).

I have found a few interesting albums on there and there are so much more to discover. I hope this might be helpful to some and if you find some amazing stuff on there please share. :)

P.S. My only problem with the site is that their download speed seems to be a bit slow but it could just be my broadband. :rolleyes:


It's been around for a good long while. I use it occasionally as some artists I like only put out some of their older re-released EPs as downloads :)

Hi-res is not the same as FLAC. You could create 8-bit 11KHz FLAC files ;) Only occasional releases might have anything more than standard CD quality.


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Don't even get me started on this website....

Total success of a website in my opinion. Ha haaa!!!!

Free music all over the place.... Aaaaand some (at least some !) are 24/48 flac files. All TOTALLY LEGAL AND NOOOO VIRUSES AT ALL.... ever. Apparently. Ha! Safety!

Real nice if you've got a half decent system.. :)

Hip hop abound on there... It has a huuuuuge number of unsigned artists on it and well worth the money yeah!

Been getting my d/l game on, on here for a while too...

It even has a subscription kinda service, which is nice if you're into certain bands/groups which gives you a heads up when they release new music.

Real nice if you wanna stay ahead of the game! Or at least try to keep up! Without the need to keep checking blogs etc...

Top quality. Would.... and have recommended this website to others wholeheartedly. Biggup Andris for starting a thread....!


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Oh yeah. They've got an app too (which I've never used) that allows you to stream PURCHASED (not free) music over wifi or 3/4G. Not sure about the quality as I've never tried it. Not enough 3G allowance on my mobile contract :( but could be of use to some people.

Aaaaand it's worth mentioning too, that once you have the download link emailed to you, you can actually download as many times as you want - I think just in one session.... Just about useful if you are anal about music formats and want FLAC for hifi def, ALAC for iTunes, and mp3 for your mobile.... Which is what I do!

Standard practice for me. Even though (it's worth mentioning), if the artist puts their music up for free d/l they actually get charged once a certain amount of people have downloaded the music. Hence you sometimes get bands limiting the number of downloads per month or they put a time limit on freeness of the music after which ... You have to pay... Or wait a month.

As for download speeds... I get about 1.7MB/second on a single d/l and 5-800kb/second when doing my multiple download thing. Not too bad... My internet is supposed to be 4MB/second so... I'm not kept waiting too long usually.

As before. ******* excellent website. Don't know what I'd do without it yo!

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