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For those that may of read my thread asking for some ideas on a band photoshoot at night for a biography. Here is the result.

More time, a few helpers and some budget and I would have either Battery powered strobes or a generator and loads of other toys.

Lesson one. Batteries in cold weather, using 580EX on manual at full power SUCKs:eek: also setting it off right in front of your own eyes is not a good idea :thumbsdow

Lesson two. cheap wireless triggers are just that. CHEAP..

Lesson three. Tripod.. you get this one right.

And last but not least. SLOW does it. I forget sometimes and rush about like a mad man. be calm and make them wait while you get ready.

The remit was stuff for a Biography they are putting together, also for there web page.

That in mind I have done some crops leaving room at a side for them to add text etc.

Have a look on my Flicker and RiA away :thumbsup:

This one is two brought together in PShop, mask then a few tweaks back in LR on levels and hue etc
Used flash on boom for them and used a long expo for the second.

Click through to EchoLounge SET

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