Banana plugs on B&W DM600s


Am I being stupid (no comments pls) but how do you connect banana plugs to the B&W DM600 series speakers?

I'm assuming you can as I was given the plugs by the guy in the shop when I was in there last and he knew what speakers I had.

On the back you can screw off the connectors where you would screw in the cable if it didnt have the plugs on. There is what seems to be a cap in the middle, but I dont know how to remove the cap to connect the plugs.

At the moment the work around is to screw in the plugs as if the cable was bare - this create the connection - but surely this isnt the correct way to do so?

The manual shows nothing other than a line going into the terminals....

Ed Selley

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If it is like most other sets of terminals, you should be able to remove the caps at the end of the terminals with a flat blade or pair of tweezers. The plug is in there to prevent an errant child turning itself into a crispy critter.


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Due to the Nanny state in Europe these caps are to prevent people plugging in the euro mains plugs by accident.

Both my AV amp and speakers had these caps on which are easily removed with a small jewellers screwdriver or similar.

Then your banana plug should fit straight in.

You may find that the angle this makes is not what you would wish and the alternative is to do what you are currently doing.


I've got banana plugs in all my DM600 series speakers. To remove the plugs in the end of the binding posts I just removed the screw from the post and removed the plastic ends with a small screwdriver. I then just replaced the screw and pluged in the babana plugs.
Its a bit awkward, but once you've done a couple you get the hang of it and they come off quite easily.



Cheers - had a feeling it would be something like that! Wanted to check before wrecking them!! Will try later tonight and see how I get on...


Well that worked a treat - only took 2 seconds to remove them! The B&W cd-rom showed up too saying how to remove them, better late than never I guess!


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Originally posted by StevieDvd
Due to the Nanny state in Europe these caps are to prevent people plugging in the euro mains plugs by accident.

Am I the only one thinking that sounds like fun?

When I got my 603's I simply stuck the cable through the hole and tightened the cap, played with it for a bit, then took a visit to comet and bought the gold Monster cable banana plugs. I was supprised there was a difference!

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