Banana plugs - mush of a difference ?


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i was thinking about buying some banana plugs, but wasnt sure if they would fit on my yamaha rx-v750 amp. how much are they? and does it matter which brand you buy?


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As far as I know they are generic and should fit your amp fine from the link I mentioned before they are 69p each which is a bargin in my book and backed up by what other have said I will be buying some tomorrow


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@ Locky

I think the original post was on about the price variation.

From what I know, nearly all decent amps will take bananas. I'm sure yours can take them.
They were only banned in Europe because they are very similar to some electric mains plugs :eek:

You have to judiciously lever the end of your connectors on the amp out.
Or screw in a small self tapper and pull with pliers.
Try a search, it was discussed recently :smashin:


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i prefer to get the solder on ones myself, than agin i did buy quite expensive ones (£5 each)


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if you install the wires behind stuff and cant really take them out, then use the crimped or soldered plugs.....that way the wires shouldnt deteriorate through being open to air.....

if you move your kit around every now and again for whatever reason and need the wires to move as well, then use the screw in types as there is the potential to need to buy a longer or shorter wire for some reason and you can just unscrew the plugs and reuse them...heh

if you are happy sitting hunched over your amp fiddling around feeding 11 pairs of wires through tiny little holes whilst trying to turn fiddly plastic caps back round and keep the wire in the hole while it tightens, then dont use banana

me, i go with number i do move my kit around and sometimes like to swap cables over for no apparent


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I found the cheap ones are ok for one or two uses after that they breakdown (usually the retaining screw )..........suppose you only get what you pay for !

I am using the £4.99 ones now :)

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