ballad of the lone shopper


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Me old TV is on the blink
get a new one i would think
To this forum I will go
asking of the wise ones O!
" What new screen you recommend?
the choice it drives me round the bend"

Should I buy a DLP?
maybe I should wait and see.
Comet I have been to view
models old and models new
would not let me test a set
dozy snotty smug faced get

Remembered after shopping stint
that I am borasic lint
Although I am a big loan hater
hoped I could buy now pay later
Back to high street I did hurry
visit Comet, Dixon, Curry

Delayed payment can't be had
makes me just a little sad.
Ask about their other offers
as no cash within my coffers.
Bullsh*t gave me mental scars
they can stick that up their APR's

Waiting game then I must choose
reading magazine reviews
Look for sets and how they score 'em
ask advice upon this forum
So for now whilst without telly
I'll join a gym and lose my belly



I understand your feeling sick,
but I'm sure you'll get one pretty quick.
Those high street shops will make you cry,
the internet is the place to buy.
Sometimes it seems a pipe smokers dream,
6.1 sound and a 50" screen.
Look Christmas is now only 3 months away,
so get someone else to buy it so you dont pay.
A girlfriend, your parents or even your granny,
I'm sure some one else will fall for the charms of a Panny.
You want to watch movies on a whole other level,
so if all else fails you could sell your soul to the Devil. :devil:

av addict

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don't be sad or upset ba'heid,
[email protected] would offer 10 months with no fees
hows that for no apr's
try the one in leicester if you can,
i'm sure they'l offer you a money spinning deal :hiya:

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