Balanced a/v receiver for my hi-fi?


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Hi! I am new here, and I did it because I like very much music and cinema, and I want to combine both introducing myself in the well known now home cinema systems...
I have right now:

cheap dvd player.
Sony cdp-xe 530
Sony str-de 135
Magnat Motion 60

I want to buy another 2 speakers like I have (I have read that it is important that they are all the same because it gives a more balanced sound), and a central speaker from Magnat (in total, 300 euro). I wonder if I really need a subwoofer, since the speakers range over all the frequencies needed. I have been told that it is, because the low frequencies go only to it, when you decode the signal. Is it not possible to redirect it and put them to the front speakers?
The second thing is to buy a receiver. I want to enhance possibilities with the home cinema, but I don't want to get worse simple stereo sound than before (str-de 135, sony). After looking and asking a lot, I saw two or three possibilities in two money ranges:
a) Range 550 euro, it can be Sony str-db 870qs, Kenwood KRF-V 7060 (or 6070?), or Yamaha RXV 630. I like very much this last, specially the rear panel looks very complete. About sound, I couldn't hear them yet, but I will (of course!). I am almost decided in favour of Yamaha, in fact. The question is, are they balanced to my speakers and cd-player? Or it is too much? (I mean, you may have a great amplifier, but if the source is not good, and the speakers do not sound, you get nothing).
b) The little brothers, of the previous, only in Yamaha or Kenwood, Sony doesn't convince me from some opinions I have heard. That is, Yamaha RXV 430 (or 530, 100 euro more), and Kenwood KRF-V 4070. Both are 350 euro. I have heard the Yamaha one, and I found it simply great. But then here, will I loose stereo sound quality with respect to my present amplifier?
I hope you can help me, than you!!


you dont neeed a sub.........but it is good. You can send the full signal to the main speakers, but dont forget there is a .1 bass channel specially for a far as i know it wont get sent to the mains.



If you select subwoofer=no, then a DD decoder (in the AV receiver) should redirect the .1 LFE channel to the main fronts, which you should set to LARGE (some amps force the LARGE setting anyway when subwoofer=no).

However, while I'm not familiar with Magnat Motion 60 speakers, few main speakers will compete with a reasonable subwoofer for bass extension, especially when driven by a budget AV receiver.

For stereo, the Yamaha and Marantz budget AV receivers seem to have the best reputation, so you are probably on the right lines with the RXV630.
Your CD player should be OK - Sony have been pretty near the top of the pile for budget CD players for the last few years, at least by reputation.


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Ok, with respect to speakers, I will buy another two as the ones I have, recommended
for a perfect tonal matching (thank you Jase!), and if I can even one of them for the
central channel. The subwoofer must wait, but I will add it, you are right.
With respect to the receiver, I have almost decided in favour of Yamaha, I will also
check Harman-Kardon in the same range of prices, and Marantz. Now the final
question: do I get at least as good as I have for the stereo with the low priced ones?
(that is, 350 euro, in Yamaha means the RXV 430). OrI must buy the RXV 630 (or
something in that range for HK or Marantz) if I want to still have as good sound as I
have with the sony str-de 135? I guess it should be enough with the low priced, but of
course in shops they will be in favour of the expensive one. What do you think?
Ah! In adition, I don't know where can I find Marantz here, I am near Frankfurt am
Main... In shops like Media-Markt and Pro-Markt I found both Harman Kardon and
Yamaha, even Denon, but not Marantz... Can anybody help on that? Is there any
specialized shop for hi-fi near here? Thank you again!

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