Baisc HDTV user wants tuner - Need pointers to baiscs

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by VideoUserAtHome, Apr 30, 2007.

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    The only use I can imagine for my computer and HDTV right now is to
    look up channel listings online and to swtich over to my monitor for
    viewing HDTV or my computer. I'm not a person to view both at once.

    I'll act dumb because I am with respect to HDTV. My degree in electronics from many years ago let me watch the history of most of the products we have available. But TV was never of interest to me. Now I m enjoying the
    high quality of the screen and interesting documentaries so that it's
    time to buy an OTA HD tuner.

    I'm in the States so does that make a difference to the advice you'd
    give to me versus someone in the UK?

    I see tuners for about $50 that seem reasonably complete and there's
    a man on ebay who put up photos he took of monitor screen
    and they're very nice , clear, and thus.

    I've read the primer's . I understand the basics. I can comprehend any
    technical chat but wonder if I should just spend my $50 and get
    a tuner to plug into my computer monitor. That is $50 limits me to
    about 10% of the available units on Ebay and I know that some of them
    are not to be purchased as they're sold my unscrupulous sellers who never
    check the workings. So I think there are about 20 units at any one time
    that I might buy on ebay for under $50.

    Truly if my monitor played the quality that I can see on some of the
    torrent downloads that are HDTV quality I would be very happy.
    And we have PBS stations here similar to BBS which have good HD

    I do have a 5.1 optical input spdif receiver and speakers. I live alone
    at this time and don't entertain people with my TV. So can you give
    me pointers of where to go and what to buy?

    One of my main concerns is that I'll have to shell out more cash to get
    accessory cables and later find out that I needed to have my unit flashed
    or such gotcha's.

    If someone replied that I can get an excellant quality component for $50
    or less with anything I bought I think I'd go away happy. : )

    BTW I'm not interested at this time for a pci card HD tuner. I'll be buidling
    a VTR later for security purpose and will learn what I need at that time
    and whether I choose to include HD withi that unit or build a 2nd one.
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    :boring: sorry but after reading that three times i am still not clear as to what you are asking,
    you don't want a pci card or tuner!? but you are looking at tuners for around $50! a bit confusing, what tuners are you talking about and what HD content are you looking to view?
    I understand you live alone and don`t entertain, not altogether surprised but why should this make a difference.
    I see you download torrents (isn't that illegal,even in the states) and have to assume that you are ok with this!
    I guess what would would really help in your quest is if you could list-
    what equipment you already have,what content you wish to view and then ask how could you achieve it?

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