Bailiff without a heart, update


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Just thought to update the thread abought the Bailiff i posted a few months ago
(dont know how to link to it for anyone that is interested who never saw it though, sorry)

Briefly i paid £320 to prevent a bailiff from taken the belongings of my terminally ill neighbour for a debt owed by his son.

The son kept his word and paid me back in installments with the final amount paid last friday week:smashin:

The father (Frank)
He was diagnosed with throat cancer last November and was given about 3 months to live, but he was beating the odds and the tumour had not get any
After the infamous day with the bailiff i started to get to know Frank very well, we are both in the same age group in our mid sixties, so had things in common.
We spent the summer sitting outside our ground floor flats and swopped stories and laughed and joked all the time, i got to really like Frank and we became good friends.

He told me he was in the RAF in the mid 60s to early 70s and was a navigator flying in a Beverley transport plane and one of the places they flew to on a regular basis was the Norwegian Airforce base in Bodo, Northern Norway and said how much he enjoyed the place.

By coincidence my wife comes from Bodo (hence my forum name) so then my wife starting joining in the daily chinwags and also became good friends with Frank.

A couple of months ago Frank had to have a stent put in his throat as the tumor was making it very difficult to swallow, which meant he could only eat liquidised food, but he still kept his sense of humour through all this.

2 weeks ago he contracted a chest infection and had a course of antibiotics
which kept him indoors, so i popped in now and again to see if he needed any help and got him the daily newspaper etc, and generally just enjoyed his company.

Then a week ago on the Friday, i popped in to see him and he was still suffering from the chest infection and i made him a chocolate instant whip
desert to eat and cheer him up and offered to do drive him to the shops or anywhere else he wanted to go, which he accepted.

Last Monday he was taken into hospital as his chest infection was not clearing up, his son came round to let us know and said that the hospital said
he would only be in there for 2 or 3 days and then be let home.

Last Friday night/early Saturday morning Frank suddenly passed away in hospital, he died from complications from the chest infection, not the cancer.

I hope this is not too long and rambling for anyone reading this, but i thought
Frank deserved a mention, he was a really nice guy who suffered a lot without complaint.

R.I.P. Frank mate, i am glad i got to know you and thanks for the time we spent together


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Sorry to hear that fella. I remember your original thread too as you're from my neck of the woods (I'm in St.Albans). You helped him out far more than most people would have, he would've appreciated that immensely. :smashin:


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Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear about Frank's passing away, but good that you became friends during his final days. Also nice that his Son paid you back.
You did a very kind thing there helping them out.


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Thanks for taking the time to share your story, Frank sounds like a really good guy, and I bet he was so grateful to get to know you too, and have you there for support and entertainment. R.I.P. Frank.


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I remember reading this the first time round and thinking what a nice thing you did ;) Great his son got his act together :smashin: and hopefully stays that way.

RIP Frank.




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Really touching post..
The world needs more people like you
RIP Frank


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I read the story 1st time around and wonder what the outcome was.

Looks like you got more than your moneys worth from the guy.

You're a good bloke, and your story shows that a good deed does not go unrewarded.


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I guessed what was coming but got a lump in my throat anyway. I remember your original post on this, makes this one all the more touching. RIP Frank.


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Still troubles me this story and the length's the state will goto over a parking ticket fine. Your a saint "bodoman" for what you did that day, hats of to you mate :thumbsup:


What an amazing warm hearted story (albeit ending with the sad death of Frank). I'm glad to see that the son repaid his debt to you. No doubt you will have a friend there.

I would feel privileged to live next door to you.


Sorry to hear about his passing.

Good on you for helping them out and keeping Frank company. :thumbsup:

Used to have a neighbour who sounds a little like Frank who used to grow all sorts of vegetables and I always used to talk to him whilst he tended to his garden. Started off when I was 7 all the way to 10, in hindsight, I don't know how he put up with half the crap that came out of my mouth! Unfortunately he died some years back due to cancer as well.

He was so well known that he got a special mention in the local paper as well.
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What an amazing warm hearted story (albeit ending with the sad death of Frank). I'm glad to see that the son repaid his debt to you. No doubt you will have a friend there.

I would feel privileged to live next door to you.

exactly what gibbsy said, good on you for making the gents last months comfortable.


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As everyone else has said. I'm humbled by your generosity to Frank, both financially and in his later days emotionally. I'm sure he cherised these last few months with you and your wife.


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A touching bittersweet tale.

It's great that Frank found some good company in his last few months. You are a good man. I wish you all the best.


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Thank you for making a man's last few months all the more easier and enjoyable in his time of need.
With all the bad things that are demmed newsworthy, its excellent to hear an update to this story - I thought that there cant be many people that would do what you did in the first place, let alone continue with this 'care' to a point in which it was not care anymore, just friendship.


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I hope your story will inspire others. If other people had more compassion the world would be a much nicer place to live.


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Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, it was a generous thing you did, i'm glad it worked out well in the end, you weren't out of pocket, made a friend and helped someone to enjoy the last few months of their life


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Thanks for the update and sorry to hear about Franks passing but you should take comfort that you made his time much more enjoyable.

RIP Frank

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