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Hehe, if you fancy a good laugh go look at these. As with the film and music awards a complete load of old tosh. Highlights for the lazy :-

Strategy Award

This included Call of Duty and Myst!!!...... Advance Wars 2 won, which is not a bad game, but very similar to the first. No mention of Medieval.


No F-Zero GX??!?! Not saying it should have been a winner, but it is certainly better than Formula 1 2003 and NFS: Underground!


007 : Nightfire..... HELLO!!!!!! where is the adventure in this title? It is an action game!


THE BIGGEST TRAVESTY EVER! Prepare yourself gamers! Fifa 2004 won this award! Not even a mention of PES!


Won by Harry Potter!!!!! All those musicians should a learn a thing or two from EA! Square-Enix obviously don't employ good enough musicians!

These are the worst offences I saw...... it seems that EA had a mention in every single category, another waste of time as far as awards go. I am not sure how they categorised the games as this was the first awards they seemed to include both games from last year and ones that were from the year before.


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Complete disgrace. So many good titles were completely ignored and the wrong games won.

Best animation or intro category? That's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen...

They do know that Japanese games exist, right? They've basically been completely ignored for the (majority crap) Western rubbish. Was it sponsored by EA or something?

Call of Duty - GOTY. I don't need a better example of how wrong these awards are:rolleyes:

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