Baffling signal problem


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Good morning,

I have had my DAB radio for about 4 years and all the time I have had it the aerial socket has been connected to the TV aerial on the roof. This has given me perfect reception with no issues. However recently the signal error has gone from 0 to between 40 and 80 with unlistenable sound.

The TV still gives a good picture so I doubt the roof aerial has moved and I am unsure as to why this has suddenly started. I removed the connection to the radio but it isn't loose so I am at a loss.

I can only think the radio is knackered but I can't see that either.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Update: I have tried conncting a different aerial and still the same problem so it must be some issue with the radio. I'm gonna take it to Richer Sounds to see if they can have a look but does anyone here have any ideas or have suffered the same problem?

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