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Baffled, Bemused & Boloxed

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Making Forum' started by Mr_Stick, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. Mr_Stick


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    pretty much describes me after a week of DV cam shopping and research. My needs are simple I need a cam to video water sports (of the outside, real water & real sport type!)

    My must haves are:
    Digital in-out, good image stability, good metering, detailed picture

    Nice to haves are:
    good zoom range, 16:9,

    I don't give a stuff abouts:
    Sound, still pictures, size

    My budget is upto £600 but I would rather keep it around £500

    I am looking at three models but I need to be pushed in one direction.

    Sony TRV33
    Canon MV650i
    JVC GRDV700

    I've looked for reviews of the above and found a few but I'm perplexed by some functions.

    Sony TRV33
    Seems to have everything but I'm worried by the Zoom, the size (I don't want small and fidly) and the touch screen could be more of a hinderance if I'm trying to use it outside on a bright day with no shade. Apparently it does 480 lines is this a problem?

    Canon MV650i
    Lower res but does that matter? Seems a lower spec but is it better quality, it has a much better optical zoom. I have heard good reports about its stabilization but this never seems to get mentioned by any of the articles.

    JVC GRDV700
    Bigger and bulkier but that not a problem. Has a massive 540lines but also some reviews question it's quality.

    I'm so confused, I might just go and dig out my mum's Kodac cine camera!


  2. Duncan Craig

    Duncan Craig

    Jun 1, 2003
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    The Grim North
    Blimey Charlie...

    Get the 33, the screen is fine on a sunny day, actual its reflective so appears brighter with the sun behind you.

    As regards the zoom demand, it's better then the PC105 for sure, I was worried when I saw it, but used it and it's good actually!. Sure its small, but unless you are a freaky comic cack handed mutant or Nightcrawler you'll manage OK. (Sorry to cause offence if you are actually Nightcrawler!!)

    If you want to use a camera on the water, finding a good watersports housing would be my first concern as they are expensive and limited to certain cameras.

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