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I've just done a clean install of win 7 64bit on my HTPC.
I'm doing the usual process of installing software, drivers etc and I come to my Radeon HD6570 which needs AMD Catalyst Control Centre software.
I d/l latest version, 14.4 I think and install it.

I go to CCC to correct the brightness, contrast etc using some screen calibration jpg's that I've extracted from DV Essentials HD calibration disc. Black level really grey.... bit odd... no below black level.. very odd. OK adjust anyway.

I then run my DV Essentials Bluray and using TMT6 I calibrate the video brightness/contrast settings on CCC. Same issue, black starts really grey and with no below black info being passed.

I use the standard PC output settings which is RGB0-255
Normally when running the DVE disc you get the "below black" lines and you reduce the background brightness to meet this. This sets your black level.
Now the background is a bit grey meaning you'd reduce the brightness but there's no below black reference point.
So this is being clipped somehow and you can't see when you have reached black level or if you have gone too far and are clipping.
The PC was working correctly before the reinstall.

Another strange thing is when I view a jpg using the default windows picture viewer, the windowed view is more contrasty than the full screen view. Black level is much higher in full screen, but the below black is still lost and shows at the "grey" level!

I've tried and older version of CCC and get the same issue.
I've tried clean uninstalling (there's a program), re-installing... still same issue.
I've gone through all the various options of RGB0-255, 16-235, and fiddling withing various software/players.... nothing works!

I also have a Spyder and have used this to calibrate and create an ICC.
But TMT6 doesn't use this so it doesn't help.
MPC-HC does use the ICC and so you can play movies correctly calibrated.
But the PC behind it is not correctly calibrated even though that should be because it's running the ICC from Spyder!!! The colour tone is corrected but the black level is wrong.
Something is altering this black level after the ICC is applied...

It's all very weird, especially after doing a nice clean install of win.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?
Any suggestions as to what to do?

many thanks (sorry for long post!!)

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