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I'm looking for examples of English Language Blu-Ray (or DVD, but BD preferred) films where - probably because of multiple language considerations, captions and foreign language translations that should (theoretically) have been "burnt in" to the film for theatrical presentation - have instead used a subtitle stream for such captions. So, NOT subtitles in the true sense (eg not those to assist hearing impaired)

AND where the resultant presentation differs substantially from what one might have seen in a theatre - bad positioning (eg extending into letterbox area rather than on the film proper) and/or bad animation effects (or lack of them where they should be present).

This is just to save me from reviewing my 800+ discs to find a few for an experiment. Anyone who has memory of such a thing (e.g. from a recent viewing) - would you be so good as to say what film. Many thanks.


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Some examples that annoy me the most (but might be fixed in newer 4K versions);

The Mummy and The Mummy Returns: UK/EU BR has horrible nondescript white font instead of a Persian style. US BR has white Persian style burnt in (but not sure if quite the original theatrical version).

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Not even the original theatrical scripted subtitles but rather a later translation of the spoken words in nondescript white font.

Lord of the Rings: Nondescript white font that ruins the parts with Elven speech (less so for Orc speech). Have consider making custom version with fancy fonts.

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