Bad Reception on Pioneer 435XDE

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by sidepipe, Oct 19, 2005.

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    I am after a little advice... Bought a 435XDE about 11 months ago. I connected it to an existing roof antenna and got virtually no signal on analog or digital, assumed it was the antenna and that I would get it fixed at some point ( hadn't used it on anything else since moving in to the house ) and thought not a lot more about it ( I have Sky+ and a basic cable package so no biggie I thought. )

    More recently, decided to try to sort the aerial. Plugged it in to the media box again and this time managed to get a digital signal ( though only 13% ) and an analog picture that was recognisable as such ( and in colour, just ) but still not watchable. Went out and bought a 52 element high gain antenna and just to try it put it in the loft ( I don't have a ladder long enough to reach the chimney! ) Connected it to the Pio and still had the same problem. Having visions of having to hire a ladder and someone who likes heights, I tried plugging the loft antenna into a 14" telly I have - lo and behold it gave a perfect picture. Connected the roof aerial, same result. Tried a friend's freeview box - perfect. Tried a VCR, same result.

    Now suspecting the media box ( though odd because both analog and digital tuners were suffering ) I called a pioneer service centre. They sent an engineer. He said "it's your aerial mate!!." This DESPITE him having a different receiver box with him ( i.e. not a R05XE but some other box ) which gave a good picture, and despite explaining to him that everything else we tried works fine. His explanation... the plasma tuners "work differently!" Hmmm.

    So, I have a bit of a problem. If it really is the antenna, then does the R05XE box REALLY have such a bad tuner, and if so should I have to spend money and effort replacing an otherwise perfectly good antenna to make it work? Even then, I couldn't be sure that the problem would go away, because the high gain antenna did not work either ( though I would obviously have to try it on the roof, I can't imagine it would make THAT much difference to the signal strength from being in the loft. )

    So, has anyone had any experience like this with the 435 Pio's? If so, did a better antenna fix it? If it could be the box, is there any easy way to confirm that it isn't sensitive enough without visiting the roof? ( I have tried the RF out of the Sky box which seemed to be ok on the plasma, though I guess that signal would be MUCH stronger...? )

    Thanks - sorry for the long post :rolleyes:

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